The monks Maximum and Fromestano, founding of the city in the year 761, they created a farm of monastic character. That first settlement would soon be completed with a small church under the patronage of St. Vincent. King Fruela, quarter of the Asturian monarchy, It was the first impeller decided the city with the construction of a Palace and a church nearby between if. Fruela chose the place as a residence of Munia, his wife, and his son was born in the Alfonso II, known as “the chaste”. On the death of King Fruela rises to the throne the King Aurelio (768-764), his cousin. Occur after the reigns of Silo (774-783), Mauregato (783-788) and Bermudo (788-791) before Alfonso II El CastoFinally climb to the throne who will occupy during 51 years of excellent Government. Alfonso II El Casto (791-842) the Court of the Kingdom, he moved to Oviedo. Under his reign, the grave of the Apostle James at Compostela in Galicia is discovered and then creates the Camino de Santiago, capital phenomenon in the history of the city. He built also a temple dedicated to El Salvador, He would donate the Cruz de los √Āngeles, and a Royal Palace that formed the core and engine of Oviedo.

At this time the city becomes the epicenter of the Asturian art, original and unique architectural expression, inheritor of Visigothic traditions, Nordic and Eastern. Alfonso II died without offspring, his cousin, Ramiro I, He is chosen as successor. The buildings were built during his reign of Santa María de el Naranco, whose architectural solutions were not used until almost five hundred years later, and the Church of San Miguel de Lillo, very close to the previous.

The transfer of the Royal Court to Leon, After the death of Alfonso III the great, It links the life of the city to the relics preserved in its Cathedral and the passing of pilgrims that visit El Salvador and continuing his walk to Santiago. The following centuries (XIII-XVI) they know the development of the medieval city, preserved in its path until today, the construction of a wall, a devastating fire Christmas eve of 1521 and the formidable work of the aqueduct of the pillars for the water supply to the city throughout the 16th century. The Foundation of the University by Fernando de Valdés Salas, at the beginning of the 17TH century, Open Oviedo urban toward a progressive expansion, driven in the 18th by the urban nobility and the construction of remarkable palaces, in the 19th by industrial growth and the urban expansion of calle Uría, and in the 20th by administrative and commercial development.

Today Oviedo is the capital of the Principality of Asturias and maintains a vocation of service administrative and University City. Trade has become its key economic sector. Oviedo is now a city with a remarkable international projection through the Prince of Asturias Awards, delivered annually in the Campoamor theatre, and of the International campus, attended by personalities of the most highly relevant world.

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