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El dulce sefardí

The Agenda from Girona


Leonard Cohen: entre la música i la paraula (Lecture)
. Activity organized on occasion of the "Series of lectures at the Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies"

28/06/2012 , at 7 pm.

Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies. Sant Llorenç street

Admission free


Event's Description

Lecture by Carme Pardo, included in the programme of the series of lectures "Music and Judaism"

The lecture will take place at the Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies (c/ Sant Llorenç, s/n) at 7pm.

Organized by: Patronat Call de Girona and Chair Ferrater Mora of Contemporary Thoughts from the University of Girona.

September in


The agenda of Girona at a glance

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