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The Jewish Network of Spain participate once again in Israel Tourism Fair IMTM

February 12, 2016.- The Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters has been present once again in Israel Tourism Fair IMTM held from 9 to 10 February in Tel Aviv. Israel is one of the emerging markets for the Spanish tourism industry and especially for the Jewish Network, whose proposals have been well received at the fair. 

The IMTM of Israel is a tourism trade show that brings together the leading operators and travel agencies and specialized press. Indeed, the objectives of the Network of Jewish Quarters in this fair was to present the member cities to include them in packages that are offered to visit Spain and, moreover, present the projects and activities of the Asociation in an international context. 

Representing the Jewish Network attended the IMTM its manager, Marta Puig, who was visited by the Ambassador of Spain in Israel, Fernando Carderera, and participated in the events organized by the Spanish Tourism Office and the Embassy of Spain in Israel during the fair.

This visit to Tel Aviv has also served to start planning an official visit of the Jewish Network wants to do in relation to the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Spain and Israel.


New microsite for "Benjamin de Sefarad Educational Project

The new microsite will host and serve as a platform for the dissemination of the projects carried out by students about the heritage and the Jewish heritage of their cities in the successive editions of Project Benjamin Sefarad.

Benjamin de Sefarad is a didactic-educational project aimed at students from second to fourth Secondary aimed to raise awareness about the importance of the defense of the urban, architectural, historical, artistic and cultural heritage of the Jewish heritage in Spain. The project, which was launched by the municipal offices of Tourism and Education Lucena, aims to promote Sephardic history of different locations using different research techniques, study and exhibition of work and education by exchanging experiences and promoting respect and tolerance for other cultures.

The purpose of this program, which began to develop in September last year, is that young people believe a tourist material and in a moment of exchange, are themselves responsible for exercising as guides against other students. An initiative has already been successfully performed in Girona, where students from the city last week received other students from Besalú and Castelló d'Empúries to share the project. In the coming weeks, the project will take place between the cities of the Network of Andalusia, La Rioja and Aragon.


Hannukah 2015

Hanukkah, also known as the festival of lights, is a Jewish festival that is usually held in December, coinciding with the Hebrew month of Kislev. This year will be held from 6 to 13 December. Several cities in the Network of Jewish Spain joined the celebration with various activities.

Red de Juderías wishes all of you a happy and sweet 5776!

Shana tovah u-metuqah.

This week-end: European Day of Jewish Culture

The member cities of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters, together with several collaborating cities and associations, have prepared a wide range of varied and attractive events and activities, under this year’s motto “Bridges”. Don’t miss it, we are awaiting you!



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Happy Passover!

Pesaj bueno que tengas. Fiestas alegres! 

Jag Pésaj Sameach! 

Palma inaugurates the interpretation center of the jewish quarters “Casa Maimó ben Faraig”

31 March 2015.- The Mayor of Palma, Mateo Isern, opened on Monday 30 March Casa Maimó ben Faraig, a new Interpretation Centre of the Jewish quarters of Palma, with the aim of encouraging and promoting all activities related to Jewish history and culture of Palma and promote cultural tourism.

Palma is part of the Network of Jewish Quarters of Spain since 2005. Palma City Council is firmly committed to safeguarding the Jewish heritage of the city as evidenced by their participation each year in the European Day of Jewish Culture and scheduling cultural activities such as the cycle of Jewish Cinema. In the same vein and taking a significant step, the City has launched the House Maimó ben Faraig, interpretation center of the Jewish quarters of Palma, the call Major and call Menor, which will open to the public from today Almudaina Street, 9.

The opening ceremony was attended, accompanying the Mayor, Councillor for Culture, Fernando Gilet, representatives of other political groups, and the president of the Jewish community of Mallorca, Abraham Barchilon. From the Network of Jewish Quarters of Spain, the President of the association, Luis Martínez-Portillo, Mayor of Calahorra, delegated assistance in the General Secretariat.

Tortosa in the 700 Anniversary of the Synagogue of Cordoba

Among the events to mark the 700th anniversary of his synagogue, Córdoba offers to other cities of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters the ability to collaborate in promoting their jewish quarters with events and activities in the Andalusian city, which receive thousands of tourists each year. Other cities of the Network as Lucena, Sevilla and Jaén have gone through Córdoba and from this weekend will be the turn of Tortosa.

March 06, 2015.- This month, the city of Tortosa will be in Córdoba in the context of cooperation within Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters - Sefarad Routes, to which both cities belongs. To mark the 700th anniversary of the Synagogue of Cordoba, the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos will host the exhibition "Tortosa y las Tierras del Ebro: el esplendor de una época, de un río y de un territorio". The exhibition evoked by thirty large format images the important Renaissance legacy of Tortosa, without forgetting his Jewish heritage, inland navigation on the river Ebro and the natural heritage of Delta del Ebro parks and "Els Ports" united by the Green Way Val de Zafán. The photos were taken by Oscar Lanau photographer.

Also will take place a themed day dedicated to Tortosa in the Hall of Mosaics of the Alcázar on Saturday March 7. Professor Joan-Hilari Muñoz will offer a conference about the ancient presence of the jewish in Tortosa and their legacy. Then a group of teachers and students of the school of music and traditional dance "The Planter" will perform a show.

Tortosa is not the first city of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters that works with Cordoba in the 700 Anniversary of the Synagogue. Previously cities like Lucena, Seville and Jaén, all three belonging to the Jewish Network, did it.

Sefarad Vineyards and Wine Cultural Route come together to create new projects

For the first time two European itineraries, the European Route of Jewish Heritage - Sefarad Vineyards and Wine Cultural Route gather to strengthen relationships and create new projects about cultural heritage.

March 5, 2015.- Representatives of the Jewish Network and AEPJ (European Association for the defense and preservation of Jewish Heritage) met with representatives of the Association of Municipalities of Wine from Portugal and Italy, the General Secretary of Iter Vitis, Aenotur representatives and representatives of the Galician municipalities of Cambados and Ribadavia, to create new projects. In this meeting celebrate today in Girona is proposed:

• Sign a cooperation agreement that includes the development of new cultural itineraries related to Jewish heritage and wine.

• Encourage joint promotion of the European Route of Jewish Heritage - Sefarad Vineyards and Wine Cultural Route in those interlining that are generated.

• Work on specific training among young wine producers. For this, the Jewish Network participate in the next training event will be held later this month in Israel.

• The participation of both networks in the training courses that will be held in Portugal in late April and will include first kosher production process.

Furthermore, at this meeting celebrate today has agreed to introduce the category of best kosher wine in the XIV international wine competition "Selezione del Sindaco", an original project linking the wineries with mayors and their territories. The best kosher wine section joins other as best sweet wine, best sparkling wine, best organic wine, etc. The contest will be celebrated in Oeiras (Portugal), coinciding with the celebration of the Volvo Ocean Race 2015 where they coincide other cultural activities. For more information about the competition contact with info@selezionedelsindaco.it

For Jewish Network of Spain, this cooperation also means the possibility of working together at European level by sharing experiences and most importantly, work together to present a set of cultural and commercial development project to European institutions.

Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters works to promote jewish heritage in Europe

February 5, 2015.- Coinciding with the presidency of Calahorra, two very significant for the future of European Cultural Route to Jewish heritage meetings were held in Paris last Tuesday, February 24.

First of them was a meeting with representatives of the World Jewish Heritage project, which was finally agreed to sign a cooperation agreement to promote Jewish heritage and cultural heritage in Europe through one of our flagship projects; European Day of Jewish Culture.

The second one was the annual meeting of the AEPJ (European Association for the defense and preservation of Jewish Heritage), whose vice presidency holds Calahorra. At this meeting, all members agreed on the strategic lines to develope over the coming years.

The meeting took place in the magnificent hall of mirrors in the Cervantes Institute's library in Paris.

Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters promotes itself in ITMT of Tel Aviv

11/02/2015.- Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters is being featured in the first participation of Spain in the International Mediterranean Tourism Market (IMTM) held yesterday and today in Tel Aviv.

During the first day, they held several meetings, especially with companies that want to contact with Spanish touroperators and tour guides to accompany groups. Other frequent questions were about gastronomy and Vineyards of Sefarad. For Network representatives, this first day was a success and they underline the great interest of the audience in the action and offer of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters.

The highlight of the day took place early in the afternoon with the Turespaña's presentation. The event was inaugurated by the Ambassador of Spain in Israel, Fernando Carderera, and attracted more than 200 attendees. The Network was one of the protagonists of this presentation that defined Spain as a perfect destination for Israeli travelers. At the end of the event, the Network raffled among those attending a weekend to learn about the Jewish heritage of our country. The prize, that consists of a weekend hotel, meals and guided tours, was for Graciela Keitar, from Tips on Trips company.

Besides the presence in IMTM of Tel Aviv, Network representatives also perform other activities to disseminate like press interviews in major newspapers of Israel and a conference at the Cervantes Institute in charge of Assumpció Hosta, general secretary of the Network, which will take place this afternoon at 19h30.

Guided Tours

In the Plaza Mayor, next to City Hall, is located the headquarters of the Association of Tourist Guides of Caceres. They offered a very complete tour of the Monumental City including the Old Jewry with a duration of 1.30 to 2.00 hours

Morning hours visits 11.00, 12.30 and 17.00 afternoons (Winter). 18.00 (Summer). Closed Sunday afternoons

Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters celebrates its 20th anniversary

The association aims to strengthen ties with the tourism sector and make themselves known to most audiences. It has to do it the RASGO program, which combines the services and tourism products of Spanish Jewry, and the new mobile app Sefarad, an interactive guide that helps you to discover all the secrets of Jewish heritage in Spain and plan the visit to the 24 cities of the network. The association carries out other actions to promote tourism as Vineyards of Sefarad, a project that combines Sephardic culture and wine tourism, and Meetings in Sefarad, promoting cities as destination of conferences, conventions and other business events.

Madrid, January 29, 2015.- The Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters celebrates its 20th anniversary. It was in 1995 when the mayors of Cáceres, Córdoba, Girona, Hervás, Ribadavia, Segovia, Toledo and Tudela, created this association nonprofit that aims to protect urbanistic, architectural, historical, artistic and cultural heritage Sephardic Heritage in Spain. In these two decades the association has grown and now has 24 members. To those already mentioned, have joined Ávila, Barcelona, Besalu, Calahorra, Castelló d'Empúries, Estella, Jaén, León, Lucena, Monforte de Lemos, Oviedo, Palma, Plasencia, Seville, Tarazona and Tortosa. The 24 member municipalities are working hard to restore, preserve and add value to the Sephardic Heritage in Spain.

The work developed in the early years has been enriched by many diverse cultural contributions of the partner cities. The research effort and study of local history has led numerous projects for rehabilitation and recovery sites and public and private spaces in the Spanish Jewish quarters and an active cultural and recreational programming around the legacy of the Spanish Jews. The Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters wants to continue working in this line, in addition to disclose to the public their progress and make him share of Sephardic heritage.

RASGO 2015

To continue working knowledge of Jewish heritage on the peninsula, the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters intends to strengthen its ties with the tourism sector. That’s why it has been working on promoting RASGO, a complete program that brings services and tourism products of Spanish Jewry, making a selection based on quality cultural tourism. RASGO includes all the information that travelers need to maximize their visit to each of the Jewish Quarters. Recommendations on what to see, where to stay, where to eat, guides and information of other activities.  It also includes promotions in selected establishments, bound to the Sefarad Card, a free card that the association also wants to promote.


The Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters doesn’t forget new technologies. During the presentation of the twentieth anniversary held today at Fitur has also submitted the application for smartphones "Routes of Sefarad". It is the only travel application specialized on the route of the Jewish quarters in Spain. It offers an interactive guide with information of the 24 member cities of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters and useful information about tourism services and products.


In order to propose new experiences on the Jewish heritage in Spain, the Jewish Network promotes VINEYARDS OF SEFARAD. It’s a unique tour of vineyards and famous cellars in Spain. A new opportunity to discover Kosher wine. It’s a new value to the tourist experience related to the Jewish heritage of each destination. In this program collaborates wineries and vineyards of the cities of the Network.


Another proposal of Jewish Network is Meetings in Sefarad, which promotes the organization of conferences and other tourism meeting events in the cities of the network. These have the necessary infrastructure for this kind of acts, with the added value of a set of incentives and specialized activities linked to Jewish cultural, historic and gastronomic heritage. This product expands and diversifies the offer addressed to those interested in Sephardic culture.

Acto en recuerdo de las víctimas del Holocausto en el Centro Bonastruc ça Porta de Girona

28 de enero de 2015.- Girona recordó ayer a las víctimas del Holocausto con un emotivo acto en el Centro Bonastruc ça Porta. Diferentes colectivos ciudadanos encendieron las siete velas conmemorativas en recuerdo y memoria de las víctimas mientras sonaba la música en directo del colectivo Brossa. El acto contó con la presencia del alcalde de Girona y presidente del patronato del Call de Girona, Carles Puigdemont, y del escritor Antoni Puigverd. Ambos dirigieron unas palabras a las personas que asistieron a este acto de conmemoración del Día Oficial del Holocausto y la Prevención de los Crímenes contra la Humanidad.

Acto Institucional del Ayuntamiento de Jaén en memoria de las víctimas del Holocausto

28 de enero de 2015.- Ayer,  27 de Enero, tuvo lugar el Acto Institucional del Ayuntamiento de Jaén en Memoria de las Víctimas del Holocausto y la Prevención de los Crímenes contra la Humanidad. Durante el mismo, encendieron velas por las víctimas representantes de los grupos políticos municipales y de aquellos colectivos que sufrieron una persecución sistemática por parte del régimen nazi, la actriz Lola Vico leyó varios pasajes del libro de Primo Levi Si esto es un hombre y el grupo Klezmorim interpretó varias piezas de música judía. El acto se desarrolló en un ambiente muy emotivo.

Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters at Ladino's Festivals of Tel Aviv

January 23, 2015.- The Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters, invited by the Cervantes Institute of Tel Aviv, has starred this morning at the Festival of Ladino in the Habima Theatre, the National Theatre of Israel, with a lecture by José Ibáñez, Culture Councillor of Calahorra, a town which currently holds the presidency of the Network.

With this action the Cervantes Institute of Tel Aviv wants to publicize the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters internationally and recognize the defense of urban, architectural, historical, artistic and cultural Sephardic Heritage in Spain that makes this association.

This is the second edition of the Ladino's Festival, which for five days proposes concerts, performances, lectures and other activities. Spain is the only country invited to participate in this festival.

For his part, Councilman José Ibáñez thanked the welcome and hospitality received during his visit to Tel Aviv and the interest shown by the work carried out by the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters.

Calahorra assumes the presidency of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarter on its 20th anniversary

January 23, 2015.- Calahorra presides on 2015 the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters. It has been approved in a meeting celebrated today in Madrid. The mayor of this Riojan town, Luis Martínez-Portillo Subero, take the baton from the mayor of Caceres, Elena Nevado.

The presidency of Calahorra coincides with the twentieth anniversary of the association. On January 21 were met exactly 20 years of the founding meeting of the Network, at that time with a commitment of 8 cities, although currently are 24 municipalities. Therefore it's going to carry out several actions of commemoration in the coming months. The first will take place next week in Fitur. The Network will present their proposals in a ceremony scheduled for Thursday January 29 afternoon at Fitur.

The new president of the Jewish Network, Luis Martínez-Portillo, representing the city of Calahorra, said that assumes the position "with enthusiasm and a commitment to continue the work done during these 20 years in defense and promotion of Sephardic legacy in our country". Martínez-Portillo assumes this new challenge "eager to promote new initiatives that convert our 24 municipalities into tourist examples to project the image of the network both within the country and outside it", and trusts that the year of the 20th anniversary will be "successfull for the Network of Jewish Spanish Quarters".


The switching of lights will take place in the Plaza de El Fontan, on December 20 at 18:00.

- On the five candles that correspond

- Sweet cider tasting kosher and Sufganiot

- Session rikudim,


- Israeli Music


Unlike most major Jewish holidays, Hanukkah origin is not in the Bible, but on events that occurred later.

Chanukah recalls a historical event that took place in the second century. C during the Seleucid period. Some Seleucid kings (the dynasty that followed Alexander the Great, whose seat was in Syria) tried to force the Jews to the Land of Israel to adopt certain customs contrary to the laws of Judaism. The worst decree was when King Antiochus IV ordered the installation of a statue in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

In 167. C., the Jews revolted against the Greek Seleucid regime. Certain leaders of the revolt, the Hasmoneans, or Maccabees, were the sons of Mattathias, the high priest. In 164. C., under the leadership of Judah Maccabee, the revolt ended with the liberation of Jerusalem from foreign rule, including the Holy Temple. These events are documented in writing in the late second century historical sources. C .. According to Jewish tradition, was Judas Maccabaeus who instituted the festival of Chanukah.

This period lasts eight days, and in it the celebrations that marked the purification and rededication of the Holy Temple, besides a miracle, as established by tradition commemorates: When the Maccabees looked for holy oil to light the candelabra of the Temple only found a jar with the seal intact and therefore remained pure. The amount of oil that was in the bottle was only enough for one day, but there was a miracle, and burned for eight. In addition to the component of heroism commemorating the holidays, Chanukah is also a symbol of light against darkness, so that is also called the Festival of Lights.

New app "Routes of Sefarad" now available

Routes of Sefarad is an interactive multimedia travel guide to discover and get involved with the Sephardic heritage.


The footprints of the Jewish community in Spain span more than a thousand years. On this guide, you can navigate through the layers of informations about the history, culture and heritage of the Jews in Spain in a single app. Routes of Sefarad offers an interactive guide about Spain's rich Sephardic heritage.

Routes of Sefarad presents travelers with a number of tools to help them plan a trip for our destinations. The app includes data for over 700 points of interest on our 24 city members that includes monuments, restaurants, hotels and other trip-related locations. The user can share their  trip details on Facebook and Twitter and other social networks, take and share photos, make check-ins and save favourite places.

Routes of Sefarad is the only app in the market focused on the Jewish-related places found in Spain . The app supplies the user with detailed information about the destinations, the Jewish history of the cities, specialized and in-deep comment on every point of interest on the applications, thumbnail images and full screen photo galleries of locations, maps and plans, and all information needed to know about. It also include recommendations for restaurants and hotels on most of the destinations and dedicated promotions on selected premises of our destinations.

Get it for iOS:


Get it for Android:








El channel of vídeos of the Network of Spanish Jewish Sites is in Vímeo:


Cáceres presides the Network of Spanish Jewish Quartesr until December 2014

During this presidency, Cáceres will be responsible for leading and strengthening the lines of action of the association, based on the promotion of the destination Caminos de Sefarad and important Jewish cultural legacy of our 24 cities.

Shanah tovah. Happy New Year 5775

Rosh Ha Shaná beguins on September, 24th at dusk and ends on September, 26th.

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. The Biblical name for this holiday is Yom Teruah or the Feast of Trumpets. It is the first of the High Holy Days which usually occur in the early autumn of the Northern Hemisphere.

Rosh Hashanah is a two-day celebration, which begins on the first day of Tishrei. The day is believed to be the anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve, the first man and woman, and their first actions toward the realization of humanity's role in God's world. Rosh Hashanah customs include sounding the shofar (a hollowed-out ram's horn) and eating symbolic foods such as apples dipped in honey to evoke a "sweet new year".

700 anniversary of the building of Córdoba's synagogue

 On Sunday September 21st, there's a commemoration event and the presentation of the wide programme of activities scheduled between September 25th and the end of 2015, organized by the City Council of Córdoba

The synagogue, the most important building in Cordoba’s Jewish quarter, is dated in the year 5075 of the Hebrew calendar, that is, in 1315 AD, and was built under the reign of Alfonso VI, as a way to thank the Jews for their collaboration in the victory of the battle of Salado against Muslims. The work was finished by Isaac Moheb, as stated in the foundation inscription.

After the expulsion of the Jews, the whole of the synagogue, including the center of Talmudic studies, became a hospital for hydrophobic, becoming the prayer hall chapel of Santa Quiteria. In 1588 the property passed into the hands of the brotherhood of shoemakers, a guild in which much of the New Christians of Jewish origin were included, and in the 19th century the roof was replaced by a barrel vault and coated plaster with stucco. In 1884 the chaplain Mariano Parraga, along with academic Rafael Romero Barros (father of the painter Julio Romero de Torres), discovered the original plasterwork, and in 1885, after being declared a National Monument, began a careful process of recovery which allowed the return of much of its original splendor.

El retorno de Sefarad

Tarazona, August 1st and 2nd 2014

For the third year, Tarazona celebrates its Jewish past next August 1st and 2nd.  The city will recreate some of the events occurred with the arrival of Pedro III to Tarazona and the appointment of Moshe de Portella as Bayle General of Aragon.

See the activities in the programme: sephardic music, guided tours and sephardic cuisine.



Dramatized guided tours

Summer 2014

Ready for a trip to the past?  Tonight in Besalu, Jewish Nights in Castelló d’Empúries, Sara's family in Girona, Stars of Sepharad in Lucena, Yuda in Segovia, Be Sepharad! in Seville, The Jewish girl of Tortosa.... Characters of the past times will evoke sensations as we deep into the history, customs and traditions througout stories of love, humour , magic, adventure ... Check on the agenda of each city. We look forward to welcoming you!

This week, cinema nights in Girona

July 17th and 18th. The municipal board Patronat Call de Girona presents this activity in the frame of the summer program.


The two proposals chosen for this occasion are the recent releases Kidon, directed by Emmanuel Naccache (France-Israel, 2014), and Nono, het Zig Zag Kind based on a bestseller of David Grossman and directed by Vincent Bal (Netherlands 2012).

With the support of the Festival of Jewish Cinema of Barcelona and the Girona Film Festival. Movies will be screened in in original version with subtitles, at 22 am. Free admission.

More information: www.girona.cat/call


Festival Los Conversos, Hervas in search of his roots.

From 3 to 6 July is celebrated in the People's Party Hervás "The Conversos", during which a recognition of the historical and cultural legacy of the move of the Jewish community is done by the Municipality. The best example of it is the representation of the play "Slander" in which about 300 residents participate altruistically.

Since 1997, every year for a weekend in July, taking place at the conference called CONVERSOS Hervas. HERVÁS FINDING YOUR ROOTS, of singular importance to all given their social, cultural and tourist dimensions.

The City of Hervas, aware of the general interest in the historical legacy of the Jewish people left in the town, and its importance to promote the town of Hervás and its environment, in addition to disseminating the cultural diversity of Extremadura off Community organizing in 2014 the 18th edition.

The wealth of the conference is the participation of people of Hervas, which would be impossible without the success and continuity over time that provides Conversos. They are days that, through the original Party Popular in participating virtually the entire population, directly or indirectly, taken as a means of expression Theatre, investigating and recreating customs, behaviors and events occurring in Hervás century XV and XVI of the first half.

Curso de verano en Toledo: La Inquisición en los tiempos del Greco


The Sephardic Museum and the Friends of the Sephardic Museum organize, since 1991, along with the University of Castilla-La Mancha, the Summer Courses on Hispanic and Sephardic Jewish Culture.

Find the programme here

Oferta de empleo - Gabinete de Comunicación

La Red de Juderías de España ha iniciado el proceso de contratación de un gabinete de comunicación para llevar a cabo tareas de comunicación y relaciones públicas. La agencia deberá encargarse de la gestión de la comunicación nacional sobre los eventos, las actividades, la relación entre las diferentes ciudades integrantes, etc. de la asociación.

Pueden consultar las condiciones en el archivo adjunto y enviarnos sus currículums hasta el 30 de junio 2014.

13rd International Festival of Sephardic Music


Córdoba, June 9th to 14th 2014


The Sephardic Music Festival, Officla Festival of the Network of Jewish Spain takes place annually in Córdoba. This Festival welcomes the most famous groups of Sephardic music from around the world and has several goals: Recovery and enhancement of Sephardic musical heritage and linguistic heritage, Ladino ; The awareness of the public about the Sephardic legacy and promoting tourism in Córdoba and the Network of Jewish Quarters in Spain and its position at an international level. The Festival takes place is the beautiful Royal Botanic Garden, the same place where the Festival was born in 2001. As usual every year, the concerts  will be preceded by cultural workshops, this year dedicated to gastronomy , in honor of the Ibero-American Capital of Culture Gastronomy celebrating Cordoba during 2014.


The "Castillo del Moral" wake up at de night fall...!!!

Next July 19, 2014 at 21 pm

Information and bokings: 957 50 36 62 - lucena@tuhistoria.org


Lucena was between the ninth and twelfth centuries the largest Jewish city of Spain. To it reached its cultural and commercial development. During this time was known comoEliossana, Pearl of Sefarad.With this experience, accompanied by one of our hosts, Your story invites you to move to another time, which Lucena became the epicenter Sephardic. Learn about the customs and traditions of a people that flourished and its decline thanks to a group of characters of the time.

Iom Limud Barcelona. June 1st

Festival of Jewish Culture that celebrates diversity

A complete program full of activities for all kind of publics. It will be an intense and festive day, where you will hear all the voices of Judaism in Barcelona.

Registration: www.limudbarcelona.org

III Semana de Israel en Oviedo

May 20th to 25th  2014. Organized by the Municipality of Oviedo with the support of the Embassy of Israel in Spain, the Jewish Community of Asturias and Cajastur bank.

The Week has been opened on May 20th  at 8 pm with the Exhibition "Matkot"  by different artists from Israel. On the 21st there will be a course of Israeli cuisine for all publics conducted by Lucas D. Zitrinovich. During the Week there will be a series of Israeli cinema, with the screening of Footnote, The Voyage of the Director of Human Resources and The Matchmaker (May 27th, 28th and 29th

Dana Raz Dance Company will close the Week on May 30th with a ballet performance and a conference with members of the company, the organisation and the Embassy of Israel.

Special programm in Girona in the frame of the annual exhbition Temps de Flors

From 10 to 18 May, Girona celebrates the 59th edition of Flowers Time

A wonderful time to visit the call of Girona: Open doors at Bonastruc ça Porta Centre and Museum of Jewish History, permanent and temporary exhibitions; flowers special exhibitions and music by a number of Choirs of Girona county. Find here the complete programme. ¡Looking forward to welcoming you!


Exposición organizada por el Consulado General de la República de Turquía y el Ayuntamiento de Barcelona. Hasta el 30 de abril

Barcelona e  Istanbul, ciudades hermanadas desde 1997, se han unido para presentar esta exposición colectiva que reúne los trabajos de 30 artistas de origen sefardí, comisariada por Terry Katalan. La tradición del arte turco en toda su esencia: pintura, escultura, fotografía, joyas, cerámica entre otras técnicas artistas.


Pesach Sameach - Happy Passover!

The Jewish people celebrate Passover as a commemoration of their liberation from slavery in ancient Egypt.

It commemorates the story of the Exodus as described in the Hebrew Bible especially in the Book of Exodus, in which the Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt.

Passover commences on the 15th of the Hebrew month of Nisan and lasts for either seven days (in Israel) or eight days (in the diaspora). In Judaism, a day commences at dusk and lasts until the following dusk, thus the first day of Passover only begins after dusk of the 14th of Nisan and ends at dusk of the 15th day of the month of Nisan. The rituals unique to the Passover celebrations commence with the Passover Seder when the 15th of Nisan has begun. In the Northern Hemisphere Passover takes place in spring as the Torah prescribes it: "in the month of [the] spring" (בחדש האביב Exodus 23:15). It is one of the most widely observed Jewish holidays.

Happy Pessah - Pessah Hag Sameah

Cities of the Network organize activities to celebrate the Jewish Passover, which this year will be on April 14th to 22nd

En Sevilla, la comunidad Beit Rambam organiza un Seder de pascua. Más información en www.beitrambam.esEn Ribadavia, se celebrará el Seder-Pesaj en el barrio judío de Ribadavia. Oficiará la celebración el Presidente del Consejo de la Comunidad Sefardí de Jerusalén, Abraham Haim. La cena principal se realizará en el Pazo de Esposende-Ribadavia, hermoso palacio del s.XVIII adherido al RASGO de la Red de Juderías de España. La celebración estará abierta a todas aquellas personas vinculadas a la cultura judía y que deseen conocer y disfrutar de la pascua judía de tradición sefardí. Además los participantes podrán disfrutar de muchas otras actividades relacionadas con la cultura y la gastronomía judía, como una cata de vinos casher de Viñedos de Sefarad, la visita a la judería de Ribadavia, o para relajar el cuerpo y la mente un especial en las Termas de Prexigueiro.

Performed guided tour and music: The Jewish woman from Tortosa

April 5th and 5th, 2014

A visit through the streets of the Jewish quarter of Tortosa conducted by Blanca, a Jewish woman who lived in Tortosa in the late fifteenth century. A different way to know and feel this special place of the city of Tortosa. Blanca takes refuge in singing, providing visitors with reminiscent sensations from a not so distant past.

More information; www.lajudiadetortosa.com - tortosa@redjuderias.org

Inicio del programa de actividades del VII Ciclo de Actividades en la Judería de Segovia

De marzo a noviembre de 2014


March 16th, 2014 - Adar 14th, 5774

Feast of Purim, Feast of Joy

Some of our cities, such Toledo,  have prepared activities to celebrate this holiday of the Jewish calendar, in memory of the salvation of the Jewish people by Queen Esther and her uncle Mordecai in Persia in the 5th ct. bCE.  Young people disguise and it is a tradition to taste a typical sweet: Ears of Haman.

More information


More information (PDF file)


Besalú will be Jewish Town again

March, 1st and 2nd, 2014.

The Network in Instagram

These are some of the photographs tagged with the #juderia hashtag in Instagram Social Network. Thanks to all the visitors of our Jewish Quarters!

Estas son algunas de las imágenes etiquetadas con el hashtag #juderia en Instagram. ¡Gracias a todos los visitantes de nuestras juderias!

    FITUR 2014

    Presentation of the Red de Juderías de España at the Tourism Fair FITUR. January 2014

    One more year, the network Red de Juderías de España will attend the International Tourism Fair in Madrid to meet the professionals of the sector and to know the latest news. We are pleased to invite you to join us next Friday 24th, at 1 p.m., at the stand of Junta de Extremadura. We will present the latest projects and the new brochure RASGO with all the resources and offers provided by the professional companies associated. There will be an open workshop to discuss "The Marketing of Sefarad", with the participation of specialized touroperators associated to RASGO.

    Happy holidays!

    Spanish network Red de Juderías de España wish you happy holidays and best wishes for 2014 to be a year of peace and prosperity

    Happy Hanukkah!

    Activities organised by Network's cities related to Hanukkah


    Some cities of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters have organised activities related to Hanukkah or the Festival of Lights.

    Toledo, for exemple, has organised several activities such as a lecture, a guided tour, an exhibition, a concert or a workshop for children. You’ll find more information at their Tourism website.

    In Segovia you’ll enjoy a concert by Eduardo Paniagua and Jorge Rozemblum as well as a Hanukkah market and a lecture by Horacio Kohan. There’s more information available at Turismo de Segovia’s site.

    Barcelona and Girona have organised institutional events on November 30th and December 4th respectively.

    Speech from HRM Prince of Asturias in the presentation of Red de Juderías de España

    Palabras de S.A.R. el Príncipe de Asturias en la clausura de la jornada de presentación del Programa Red de Juderías en España.

    II Jornadas El Mundo funerario en Sefarad - Lucena

    More information: 957 51 32 82

    www.turlucena.com / www.redjuderias.org

    Un doble concierto de música sefardí y una visita guiada a la Necrópolis Judía de Lucena son las actividades que completan el programa de conferencias y presentaciones de publicaciones organizado con motivo de las II Jornadas El Mundo Funerario en Sefarad, que tendrá lugar el próximo día 18 de diciembre, fecha en la que se conmemora el segundo aniversario del reenterramiento de los restos hallados en la Necrópolis Judía. El concejal de Turismo y Patrimonio Histórico, Manuel Lara, junto al arqueólogo municipal, Daniel Botella, el presidente del Coro Elí Hoshaná Ciudad de Lucena, Enrique Reyes, y el músico del grupo Netilat Klezmer, Javier Delgado, han presentado hoy un programa dirigido a propiciar un foro de estudio e intercambio de experiencias para el conocimiento del legado judío en Sefarad al mismo tiempo que enriquecer el programa de actividades culturales organizadas en la ciudad en torno a esta temática como miembro de la Red de Juderías de España.

    La jornada contará con la presencia del escritor granadino y Catedrático de Filosofía del Derecho José Luis Serrano, quien presentará su obra 'La Alhambra de Salomón', en el que se recoge diferentes alusiones a la Lucena judía. El Rabino Principal de Melilla, Yamin Bittan Benzaquen, estará a cargo de la conferencia central, que lleva por título El mundo funerario en la Edad Media en Eliossana, a la que sucederá la proyección del vídeo del reenterramiento llevado a cabo en la Necrópolis lucentina y la presentación de llibro La Necrópolis Judía de Lucena, editado por la editorial Hanukilla. La jornada culminará con la visita guiada a la Necrópolis, donde el Coro de Cámara Elí Hoshaná interpretará tres piezas de la liturgia sefardí, y el concierto que, a partir de las 21.00 horas, dará comienzo en el Palacio Erisana a cargo de Elí Hoshaná y Netilat Klezmer.

    Esta cita cultural estará abierta al público en general. Las entradas, al precio de 3 €, pueden adquirirse en la Delegación de Cultura o a través de la plataforma on line www.ticketea.com. La inscripción en el programa completo, que tiene un coste de 10 €, puede realizarse a través de www.turlucena.com.

    El concejal de Turismo y Patrimonio, Manuel Lara, ha calificado este evento como “histórico” ya que se trata de la primera ocasión en la que se actuará en la Necrópolis Judía, para la que el Coro Elí Hoshaná ha preparado, según Reyes, “un repertorio muy especial”,  compuesto por tres piezas de Salamonne Rossi, autor propio de la época del final del Renacimiento y principios del Barroco. Para su segunda intervención, la formación interpretará varios kantes populares sefardíes incluidos en su primer disco, así como un nuevo tema, 'A la una yo nasí', pieza propia de la tradición judeo-andalusí. Sueño sefardí, de Ramón Carmona, o una marcha nupcial klezmer conforman el repertorio que interpretará el grupo Netiltat Klezmer, caracterizado por su fusión de música sefardí e influencias del jazz, el flamenco y la música clásica, según lo ha definido Delgado, quien además ha mostrado su agradecimiento a la prestigiosa fábrica sevillana Fernández y Roche, principal proveedora de sombreros de la comunidad judía internacional, por el patrocinio de los sobreros que los componentes de este nuevo grupo musical estrenarán con motivo de este concierto.

    Los participantes en las jornadas recibirán además la documentación de la primera edición de estas jornadas. En ese sentido, Botella ha destacado la importancia de esta iniciativa que, por un lado permite la difusión de los estudios centrados en la Necrópolis Judía de Lucena y, por otro, están permitiendo enriquecer el patrimonio musical sefardí. “Ésta es la línea en la que tenemos que seguir trabajando de cara a la recuperación de la Necrópolis Judía como la perla de nuestro patrimonio sefardí”, ha añadido el arqueólogo municipal.

    Precio de las Jornadas: 10,00 € (Incluye todas las actividades programadas, el Libro La Necrópolis Judía de Lucena” Editorial “Hanukilla”, el libro “La Historia de Lucena en Cómic” y las Ponencias de las I Jornadas.

    Número de cuenta bancaria para el ingreso: 2103 0813 97 0030008818 Concepto: II Jornadas “El Mundo Funerario en Sefarad”

    Enviar copia del ingreso al E-mail: turismo@aytolucena.es

    Plazas Limitadas

    Más Información en www.turlucena.com – www.tuhistoria.org

    Teléfono 957 51 32 82

    E-mail: turismo@aytolucena.es

    Salomó ben Adret from Barcelona (1235-1310). The Triumph of an Orthodoxy

    Exhibition that can be seen at the Centre of Interpretation of the Call in Barcelona


    Solomon ben Adret, great rabbi of the city of Barcelona during the second half of the 13th century and in the beginning of the 14th. He was one of the most important figures in the cultural field of its times.

    The exhibiton can be seen at the Centre of Interpretation of the Call (P. Manel Ribé)

    More information: www.museuhistoria.bcn.cat  - barcelona@redjuderias.org

    Mercado Sefardí en Plasencia

    Next Saturday, November 2nd,  an Artisan Market will take place in Plasencia, specially devoted to the Sephardic culture.

    All over the Day, the environment of the river Jerte will host this market, and there  will also be music and workshops of Sephardic craft traditions ; in the afternoon, there will be the recreation of a Jewish wedding. This activity is organized by neighborhood associations Jerte River, in the district of San Juan, with the cooperation of the City Council of Plasencia.

    For more information: plasencia@redjuderias.org



    Oct 16th: Beginning of the courses of Hebrew language in Girona

    The Nahmanides Institute of Jewish Studies organisez two courses, one for beginners and one for advanced studies.



    Courses will begin next October 16th. Every Wed. at 4 pm for the Advanced group, and at 6 pm for Beginners.


    Click here qui for more information and registration.

    Organised by: Patronat Call de Girona


    1st International Symposium about the contributions of Benjamin of Tudela

    Tudela, October 7th and 8th, 2013


    The aim of this Symposium is to discover, through the voyages of Benjamin of Tudela during the second half of the twelfth century, the Sephardic Golden Age. Worldwide academic experts will meet next week at the Palace Decanal of Tudela to discuss about the Sephardic communities lifein the twelfth century, to better understand our past and to understand the important role of these communities in the intercultural dialogue, in the philosophical, scientific and technical fields.

    The spirits of Sefarad

    Two tormented spirits of Santa Ana Palace tell different terrifying tales about jewish past of Lucena.

    Included: Theatrical perfomance.

    Duration: 1 hour

    Two tormented spirits of Santa Ana Palace tell different terrifying tales about jewish past of Lucena.


    More Information and Registration: 

    Castillo del Moral

    Telef 957 50 36 62 - 955 903 636

    email: lucena@tuhistoria.org


    Happy Sukkot

    Sukkot, also called Feast of Booths or Feast of Tabernacles is celebrated on the 15th day of the month of Tishrei, which, in this year’s Gregorian calendar coincides with September 19th 2013.

    The holiday lasts seven days (eight in the diaspora) and has a dual significance: historical and agricultural. In the latter sense it is also a harvest festival, and is sometimes referred to as Chag Ha-Asif, the Festival of Ingathering. In its historical sense, the holiday commemorates the forty-year period during which the children of Israel were wandering in the desert, living in temporary shelters. It is a tradition to build a sukkah (booth or tabernacle) in order to recall the type of fragile dwellings in which the Israelites dwelt during their 40 years of travel in the desert after the Exodus from slavery in Egypt. Throughout the holiday, meals are eaten inside the sukkah and some people sleep there as well.

    A sukkah must have at least three walls covered with any kind of material that will not blow away in the wind. The roof must be of organic material, such as leafy tree overgrowth or palm fronds. It is customary to decorate the interior of the sukkah with hanging decorations. Building and decorating a sukkah is a fun, family project, much like decorating the Christmas tree is for Christians.

    On occasion of this year’s European Day of Jewish Culture there will be opportunities all over Europe to see examples of sukkot. Check our EDJC section with the programmes to find out where.

    Gmar Chatimah Tovah!


    Yom Kippur, 10 Tishrei 5774 / September 14th 2013


    Yom Kippur, or Day of Atonement, is celebrated on the tenth day of the month of Tishrei, which this year 2013 corresponds to the 14th of September).

    It is the holiest day of the Jewish year, also regarded as the „Sabbath of Sabbaths“, and completes annual period of High Holy Days in Judaism, which starts with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

    Yom Kippur is traditionally observed with a 25-hour period of fasting and prayer

    The origin of this feast, according to modern bible scholars, dates back to the time after the Babylonian exile, and Midrashic interpretation considers Yom Kippur the date on which Moses received the second set of the Ten Commandments. At this same time, the Israelites were granted atonement for the sin of the Golden Calf, therefore its designation as the Day of Atonement.

    According to Jewish tradition, God inscribes each person's fate for the coming year into a book, the Book of Life, on Rosh Hashanah, and waits until Yom Kippur to "seal" the verdict. During the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, also called “Days of Awe”, a Jewish person tries to amend his or her behavior and seek forgiveness for wrongs done against God and against other human beings.

    Nearly all Jewish holidays involve a ritual feast, but since Yom Kippur involves fasting, it is prescribed to eat a large and festive meal on the afternoon before Yom Kippur. Total abstention from food and drink usually begins 20 minutes before sundown, and ends after nightfall the following daywith a traditional “break the fast” meal, which often includes dairy products and fish.The fasting is a way to create a sense of spirituality and to refrain from giving in to our impulses.

    The proper greeting for Yom Kippur is Gmar Chatimah Tovah, which means “May you be sealed in the Book of Life for a good year”.

    Shanah Tovah! Happy Jewish New Year!

    Rosh Hashanah (Hebrew: ראש השנה‎, literally "head of the year"), is the Jewish New Year. It is the first of the High Holy Days or Yamim Nora'im ("Days of Awe") which usually occur in the early autumn of the Northern Hemisphere.

    Rosh Hashanah is a two day celebration which begins on the first day of Tishrei, the seventh month of the Jewish calendar. The day is believed to be the anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve, the first man and woman, and their first actions toward the realization of mankind’s role in God’s world. Rosh Hashanah customs include sounding the shofar (a hollowed-out ram's horn) and eating symbolic foods such as apples dipped in honey to evoke a "sweet new year." The common greeting on Rosh Hashanah is "Shanah Tovah", which, in Hebrew, means "have a good year" or "Ketiva VeChatima Tova" which means "may you be written and inscribed for a good new year."

    14th European Day of Jewish Culture. Jewish Heritage and Nature

    Sunday Sept. 29th, 2013

    Another year we are pleased to present the program of the 14th edition of the European Day of Jewish Culture. Hundreds of activities will take place simultaneously on the same day, Sunday September 29th, in more than 25 European countries.

    It is a day of Open Doors for the general public, with activities to suit all tastes and ages: guided and especially animated visits to museums and information centres, and synagogues; lectures, exhibitions, concerts, workshops and activities for children, food sampling- a wide array of events with a common aim: to acquaint all kinds of public with the cultural heritage of the Jewish tradition in Europe.

    On European level the event is being coordinated by the AEPJ (European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Heritage), with the support of the Council of Europe and the European Institute of Cultural Routes. Each country has its own coordination, which in the case of Spain is carried out by the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters – Routes of Sepharad. The 24 member cities of the Network are preparing this event -which on this occasion has moved its traditional date on the first Sunday of September to the last-, with much enthusiasm.

    The Jewish community of Madrid, the Jewish community La Javurá in Valencia, Centro Sefarad-Israel, and the town of Tui are also collaborating in this event, offering an interesting variety of activities.

    The subject matter this year, Jewish Heritage and Nature, has given rise to the organization of activities specifically related to nature as an expression of divine greatness and a recurring subject in the Jewish religious literature.

    We warmly invite you to participate and we hope to see you there!

    Find the complete programme here: www.jewisheritage.org

    6th series of Israeli Cinema in Segovia

    August 2013


    On August 10th, 17th and 24th the Municipality of Segovia, in collaboration with the Embassy of Israel in Spain, have programmed the 6th Series of Israeli Films. The screenings will take place in the heart of the Jewish quarter of Segovia, in the privileged and special place as it is the courtyard of the House of Abraham Seneor.


    Guided tour with host.



    21 H

    12,00 €

    Lucena was between the ninth and twelfth centuries the largest Jewish city of Spain. To it reached its cultural and commercial development. During this time was known comoEliossana, Pearl of Sefarad.With this experience, accompanied by one of our hosts, Your story invites you to move to another time, which Lucena became the epicenter Sephardic. Learn about the customs and traditions of a people that flourished and its decline thanks to a group of characters of the time.

    El Retorno de Sefarad

    Tarazona, August 2nd and 3rd, 2013


    One more year, Tarazona organizes the programme "The Return to  Sepharad" with the purpose of recreating the Sephardic culture from different perspectives: through educational workshops, performed guided tours, music, markets .... that will transport us back to ancient times.  There will be a very special guide, Moshe de Portella from Tarazona, who was one of the leading figures of his time and also was Bayle General of Aragón.

    More information (PDF file)


    Summer activities at the Call (ancient Jewish Quarter) of Girona

    Storytales, cinema. music... Activities for all publics

    Every Wednesday at half past six p.m. kids are welcome in the courtyard of Bonastruc ça Porta Centre: great storytellers will take us into the magic of the stories of the Jewish tradition. Legends told with the voice and with the hands, some to the rhythm of music and more ...

    For adults, we look forward meeting you at film sessions outdoors. Continuing the cycle initiated in 2011, the Movie Nights come back in the Call. The program, organized jointly with the Jewish Film Festival of Barcelona, Girona bring us two of the films released during the festival: The Matchmaker, a dramatic film by Avi Nesher, and Des gens qui s'embrassent, a comedy by Danièle Thompson. On Thursday 4th and 18th July, at ten o'clock at night.

    Also at night, on Thursdays of the month of August, the Music Nights are coming back. Artists from different origins will meet at the courtyard of the Bonastruc ça Porta Centre on Thursdays at 22 pm. Music of Jewish traditions from different times and places, played from different styles and perspectives.

    We will be pleased to welcome you at the courtyard of Bonastruc ça Porta center, an ideal space to enjoy these activities outdoors and to share a pleasant summer evening.



    Córdoba, del 17 al 21 de junio de 2013

    El programa está formado por dos grupos internacionales, ambos de Israel, y otros tres de España. Todos los conciertos darán comienzo a las 22'30 horas.

    Abrirá el Festival hoy lunes día 17, el concierto del Grupo Capilla Antigua de Chinchilla, titulado  “Endechar” y que constituye su último trabajo discográfico

    Endechar significa cantar lamentos o llorar por la pérdida de un familiar o por la partida de alguien y nadie mejor que los sefardíes pueden expresar lo que supuso salir de España a finales del siglo XV.

    La formación albaceteña Capilla Antigua de Chinchilla, dirigida por el tenor José Ferrero, presenta  su último trabajo discográfico. En Endechar se han unido las tres culturas: la judía-sefardí con los textos y las melodías; la árabe con los ritmos de procedencia andalusí y la castellana-medieval con la introducción de instrumentos medievales que justo antes de la diáspora (1492) se utilizaban en la España de los Reyes Católicos.

    Destacamos que este Festival llegó a un acuerdo de colaboración con un prestigioso Festival Internacional de Música Judía que se celebra en Amsterdam a través del cual ellos difunden y promocionan nuestro Festival, han instaurado a petición nuestra un premio al mejor grupo de música sefardí y al ganador lo invitamos a participar en nuestro Festival al año siguiente. Así, el martes 18 contaremos con MOR KARBASI, que fue el grupo que se alzó con el premio en este prestigioso Festival, y que interpretará el concierto titulado “Hija de la Primavera”.

    El miércoles 19 de junio le tocará el turno al Grupo Capella de Ministrers, con su concierto titulado “La Música Encerrada: Sefarad”. Este grupo fue finalista en el Festival Internacional de Música Judía de Amsterdam, que como hemos dicho, ganó Mor Karbasi. Capella de Ministrers es un grupo creado en 1987 en Valencia por su director, el musicólogo valenciano Carles Magraner (viola de gamba). El grupo se dedica fundamentalmente a la interpretación de la música española anterior al 1800.

    El jueves 20 actuará otro grupo proveniente de Israel, Liona Gilad, con un concierto en el que presentará su último disco,  “El Bayit”, que traducido al castellano significa “A casa”.

    Y pondrá broche final a los conciertos de esta 12ª edición del Festival el viernes 21 de junio, Día Mundial de la Música, el grupo Maladanza, con su concierto “Los caminos de Sirkigi”. Este grupo musical comienza su andadura en Calahorra, ciudad hermana en la Red de Juderías, en la primavera del año 1999. En su repertorio encontramos música arábigo-andaluza, Cantigas de Santa María, danzas y canciones medievales y renacentistas así como coplas, romances y canciones del patrimonio sefardí.

    Dado el éxito y excelente acogida que el público ha dispensado cada año al Festival, en las últimas ediciones los conciertos se han complementado con talleres y actividades culturales, con el objetivo de ampliar la información y difusión de la cultura judía y con el objetivo de que el público se convierta en actor y protagonista del evento, y no sea sólo un mero espectador. Así, en esta 12ª edición se han programa cinco talleres culturales, con un aforo máximo de 100 personas cada uno, que comenzarán a las 21 horas (excepto el taller de danza que lo hará a las 20 horas).

    Hoy lunes tendrá lugar una Cata de Vinos Casher, dirigida por Manuel López Alejandre, Presidente de la Academia del Vino de Córdoba y ex-Secretario General del Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen Protegida Montilla Moriles. El martes 18 y dirigido especialmente a los más pequeños, la compañía UNO TEATRO recreará un Cuentacuentos sobre Hasday Ibn Shaprut, personalidad judía relevante de la corte de Abd al- Rahman III. Diplomático y de grandes dotes intelectuales. Impulsor de la cultura hebrea en la Península y que contribuyó al nacimiento de una cultura judía genuinamente andalusí.

    El miércoles 19 le tocará el turno al Taller de Cocina Sefardí a cargo del Chef Juan Orellana Espadas, profesor de la Escuela de Hostelería de Córdoba que coordina este taller, el 5º que llevamos a cabo en los últimos años, y que tiene como objetivo capacitar a los participantes en los conocimientos y habilidades para elaborar los platos más representativos de la cocina sefardí, sus tradiciones y normas dietéticas. En esta edición contaremos con el apoyo y patricinio de Termomix.

    El jueves 20 tendrá lugar una nueva edición del Taller de danza, coordinador por la asociación DANZAS DEL MUNDO y que cada año tiene más aceptación entre el público, agotando por completo las plazas del mismo y que luego, durante el concierto, ponen en práctica lo que han aprendido. En esta edición, este taller contará con un excepcional complemento a través de una Clase Magistral a cargo de la bailarina y coreógrafa israelí ORNILI AZULAY.

    Por último, el viernes 21 contaremos con la Conferencia del Prof. D. Andrés Enrique-Arias., Profesor de Historia de la Lengua Española de la Universidad de las Islas Baleares, autor del Documental “ Érase una vez en la calle 55 con la Hoover”. Se trata de un estudio a través de un minucioso trabajo de campo registrando testimonios, romances, canciones y recetas de cocina en judeoespañol. Este documental narra la historia de los sefardíes que llegaron a Los Ángeles en los años 20 y 30 provenientes de la isla de Rodas (Grecia).

    Por último en cuanto a las actividades culturales, contaremos durante todo el Festival con la oportunidad de contemplar la interesante Exposición “Huellas de la cultura judía en Lorca”.

    Como es tradicional también en este Festival se va a instalar una Taberna Sefardí, gracias un año más a la colaboración de Catering PADISA, que ofrecerá productos de tradición sefardí, así como tés y otras bebidas, así como repostería sefardí para que el público asistente pueda degustarlos durante los conciertos.

    Más información en: cordoba@redjuderias.org


    Barcelona Jewish Film Festival

    From June 9th to 16th 2013

    The Barcelona Jewish Film Festival arose out of the vocation to make known and disseminate Jewish culture that is so closely linked to the history of Barcelona. The Barcelona Jewish Film Festival has become a reference. No other in Europe has known the continuity and growth that the Barcelona Jewish Film Festival has.

    Films of proven quality have been programmed, including Salomon & Gaenor by Paul Morrison and Promises by Shapiro, Goldberg and Bolado or the winner of best documentary in 1999 The Last Days by James Moll, produced by Steven Spielberg.

    La Cocina de la Concordia

    Cooking workshops


    The Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters within their cultural activities for 2013, has scheduled from March 12th to 15th  a workshop in  the cities of Jaen, Lucena, Seville and Cordoba, conducted by chefs Samuel Perea and Victor Gloger, both ambassadors of the Mediterranean food cultures. The aim is to highlight the role that the Mediterranean cuisine has played in the development of coexistence and peaceful relations between the villages around the Mare Nostrum.

    Besalú, ciudad judía

    March, 2nd and 3rd 2013

    Besalú, ciudad judía is a series of activities such as dramatized guided tours, live music, shows, a Medieval market or grastronomic samples. They are all intended to spread the Jewish culture and heritage through its several aspects and also let people discover and enjoy the city of Besalú at the same time.

    More information at: www.besalu.cat

    Paradores joins the celebration of Purim

    In collaboration with the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters, Paradores has organized six special opportunities to enjoy exclusive dramatized dinners between 22nd February and 15th March.

    As a result of the recent agreement between Paradores and the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters, Paradores has organized a very special dramatized dinners related to the Jewish festivity of Purim in some Paradores located in Jewish cities, such as Segovia (February 22nd), Toledo (February 23rd), Ávila (March 1st), Plasencia (March 2nd) and Jaén (March 15th). Attendants will be able to taste Sephardic cooking, as well as they’ll enjoy a theatrical show based on the Book of Esther, which explains how this queen saved the Jewish people.

    You can read the full article in our blog.

    Presentation of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters in FITUR

    January 31st, 2013.

    The president of the network and Mayor of Avila, D. Miguel Angel Garcia Nieto, is pleased to invite you to the presentation of the project “Caminos de Sefarad” in collaboration withGoogle. The network will also present the new loyalty card Sepharad Card along with the new brochure RASGO 2013, which collects information of the participating companies as well as discounts they offer to the holders of the new card Sepharad Card. Later, there will be an interesting symposium on Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe in Spain, in which expertsand representatives of the Spanish and European institutions will accompany the president of the Network This program will take place on the fair FITUR, Madrid, on Thursday January 31, 2013 at 12:30 pm, at the stand of the Government of Castile and Leon, Hall 9 (No. 9C11-13)

    La Red de Juderías de España se suma a los actos de recuerdo del Día de la Memoria del Holocausto

    Algunas de nuestras ciudades como Barcelona, Besalú, Castelló d'Empúries, Girona, Jaén, Oviedo y Palma de Mallorca se han unido a los actos de recuerdo en memoria del Día Oficial del Holocausto y la Prevención de los Crímenes contra la Humanidad.

    El día 27 de enero se conmemora en toda Europa, por resolución del Parlamento de 27 de enero de 2005, el Día Oficial de la Memoria del Holocausto y Prevención de los Crímenes contra la Humanidad, fecha escogida en recuerdo de la liberación del campo de exterminio de Auschwitz-Birkenau (Polonia) en 1945. La resolución invita a todos los gobiernos y parlamentos de los Estados miembros a mantener vivo el recuerdo de esta barbarie y educar para el futuro, para relegar al pasado la intolerancia, la discriminación y el racismo.

    Una representación de la Red estuvo también presente en el acto oficial de estado que tuvo lugar en el Antiguo Salón de Sesiones del Senado en Madrid el pasado 22 de enero.

    Offer to create a promotional video for Red de Juderías de España

    Requirements available in the attached document.

    Proposals accepted until: Friday, February 15th 2013

    More information (PDF file)


    New signposting and audio guides to visit the Jewish Quarter of Tarazona through QR codes


    The Tourism Competitiveness Plan for the Region of Tarazona and Moncayo has just edited a series of audioguides for tourism use, based on the Jewish quarter of Tarazona, in addition to new tourist signs to be installed with explanatory panels and QR codes.

    The evocative tour of the Jewish quarter is accessible to any visitor through interpretive signposting, and downloadable audioguides QR codes in several languages, through which visitors will find out the keys of the history, urbanism, society and everyday life of a community intimately linked to Tarazona for centuries.



    'Caminos de Sefarad', the new project by Red de Juderías and Google

    The project Caminos de Sefarad ("Routes of Sepharad"), was presented last December 19th at Centro Sefarad-Israel in Madrid. The project aims at promoting on an international level the Jewish heritage of the member cities of the Red de Juderías de España (Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters) by means of the Internet, using all the possibilities offered by the new technologies.

    The presentation was made by the Chairman of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters and Mayor of Tudela, Mr. Luis Casado, the Director of Public Policies and Institutional Affairs of Google Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece, Ms. Bárbara Navarro, and the General Director of Centro Sefarad-Israel, Mr. Florentino Portero. The Director of the office of the High Comission of the Government for the brand “España,” of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. José Ángel López Jorrín, has closed the ceremony.

    The project is available at the website of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters. Users can access all contents through the touristic site RASGO by clicking a "Destination" and then its "Signposting" section. Once there, users will find the "Touring the Jewry" area with all the contents (as an example, Avila's section).

    The technology supplied by Google enables the organisation of all these contents through maps and chronograms with different levels of information. There is a total of 523 sites, 910 chronological entries, 1.667 images, 67 informative texts and 138 comments in lexical voices, which users can access through a unique website which stores information spanning from the 3rd century till today.

    Medieval Market of the Three Cultures

    Monumental city of Caceres, November 15th to 18th.

    The Market of Three Cultures (Arabic, Jewish and Christian) celebrates its twelfth edition this year. The market will open on the Nov. 15th in the afternoon, and will close on Sunday at night, with a non-stop schedule from 11:30 am to 12 pm. In the program of events there will be a Celtic music concert by the group Jabardeus on Saturday at 22:30 in the Plaza Mayor. The market atmosphere includes banners decoration, falconry flying displays, musical entertainment, geese walk, Extremadura migas tasting, fakirs ... You are welcome!

    Tudela, Presidency of the Network of Jewish Quarters in Spain

    This semester, during his presidency, the city of Tudela presents a varied program of cultural and tourist activities to promote and spread its rich history and Jewish heritage to the general public.

    More information (PDF file)


    22nd Festival Terra de Trobadors

    From September, 7th to 9th, Castelló d'Empúries.

    Prepare to live a different weekend. Dive into the Jewish culture within the XXII Festival Terra de Trobadors. In Castelló d'Empúries, from 7 to 9 September, 2012. You'll find lectures, dramatised visits, performances in the streets, minstrels, witches, taverns ... get away and see!

    Nights of Music in the Jewish Quarter 2012

    New edition of the series of free concerts at the Bonastruc ça Porta Centre of Girona


    For another year, the Bonastruc ça Porta Centre offers an interesting programme of nighttime concerts of Sephardic or Klezmer music. This 2012, the well-known courtyard of the star will held the melodies of renowned groups and artists, such as Möek, Burruezo & Bohèmia Camerata, Trivium Klezmer, the famous Israeli David Broza or Tati Cervià & Sepharazz Mishpaha.

    These concerts are free and open to everyone willing to enjoy a musical night under the stars at the heart of the Jewish quarter of Girona.


    More information (PDF file)


    El Retorno de Sefarad

    Activities in Tarazona. July 27th and 28th

    Tarazona and Moncayo organize a days of activities related to the Jewish culture. Markets, workshops, food tastings, conferences, gastronomy, guided tours, concerts... You can check the full information in the attached document.

    Summer programme at the Old Jewish quarter of Jaén

    Series of cinema, music and guided tours.

    More information: jaen@redjuderias.org

    More information (PDF file)


    Summer activities at the Call of Girona

    Summer brings new activities to the heart of the Girona Jewish quarter.

    The courtyard of the Bonastruc ça Porta Centre hosts various proposals for all audiences. Wednesdays are for children, with the afternoon of tales and legends from 6.30 pm. Thursday in July the Jewish Film Festival of Barcelona visits Girona with two movie nights. And the nights of August are music, with concerts every Thursday at 10 pm.

    Los Conversos

    June 28th, 29th and 30th, and July 1st 2012

    Los Conversos is the name under which are gathered several performances and activities for three months in the city of Hervás. This activities are related to a historical local event (the expulsion edict from 1492) which has culminated in the play "La Conversa" by the Jewish Solly Wolodarsky.

    11st International Festival of Sephardic Music

    Córdoba, From June, 18th to 23rd, 2012.

    See the attached PDF for more information.

    More information (PDF file)

    cartel XI festival_3.pdf

    Festival de las Estrellas (Festival of the Stars). 3rd Meeting in the Jewry of Toledo

    Toledo, June 15th-17th.

    More information: www.toledojudio.com

    14th edition of the Jewish Film Festival of Barcelona

    June 5th to 10th, 2012.

    The Festival opens and offers six days to debate and reflection, with twelve films to mourn and laugh and, above all, to enjoy watching movies.

    More information: www.fcjbarcelona.org.

    More information (PDF file)


    New leaflet of Segovia's Jewish quarter

    Lucena's Town Hall
    Plaza Nueva, 1. 14900 Lucena (Córdoba)
    Tel.: 957500410
    Fax: 957591119
    email: turismo@aytolucena.es

    The Municipal Tourism Company of Segovia published a leaflet on the Didactic Centre of the Jewish Quarter. The new brochure, with an edition of 10,000 copies, try to be an instrument of support in the promotion of this Center. 

    Timetable and price of the Didactic Centre of the Jewish Quarter:
    From Monday to Sunday 11.00 am to 02.00 pm and from 04.00 pm to 06.30 pm.

    General admission: 2 €
    Reduced (20 persons, children from 6 years, students under 25 and pensioners) and groups: 1.50 €

    More information in the attached pdf (only available in Spanish).

    More information (PDF file)


    La Red de Juderías participa en las jornadas “La Vida en Haketía. Para que no se pierda”

    Madrid, Tánger y Tetuán, del 21 al 25 de mayo

    El ciclo “La Vida en Haketía. Para que no se pierda”, organizado por el Centro Sefarad-Israel, se encuadra en los fines de Erensya, iniciativa de Centro Sefarad-Israel  para consolidar una plataforma que aglutine a las principales comunidades sefardíes del mundo y que refuerce los vínculos culturales, sociales, e institucionales, tanto entre ellas como en relación a España.

    Workshop: Jewish Tourism and Kosher Market

    Organised by Meetings in Sefarad with the supporto of Red de Juderías de España.

    Toledo, May 24th and 25th 2012

    Programme: Download the PDF File.

    XVIII Jornadas de Exaltación y Fiestas de la Verdura

    Tudela, del 27 de abril al 6 de mayo 2012

    Un año más, Tudela presenta las XVIII Jornadas de Exaltación y Fiestas de la Verdura. Las Jornadas darán comienzo el día 27 de abril, finalizando el 6 de mayo.

    El programa de alto contenido cultural, comercial, agrícola, gastronómico y de fama nacional. Es un proyecto que el  Ayuntamiento de Tudela, la Orden del Volatín  y el Gobierno de Navarra impulsan conjuntamente con el objetivo de posicionar a la ciudad de Tudela y la Ribera Navarra como referencia del Valle del Ebro, abriendo la ciudad y su comarca a todos los visitantes.

    Celebration of the International Day of the Book in Segovia

    Presentation book and a new series of conferences to celebrate the International Day of the Book

    More information at:segovia@redjuderias.org

    More information (PDF file)


    The Travels of Benjamin de Tudela

    Exhibition. Photographs by Jesús Álava.

    Tortosa, April 13th to May 6th, 2012

    More information: tortosa@redjuderias.org

    Happy Passover!

    From April 7th to 14th, 2012.

    Nissan 15th to 21st (22nd in the Diaspora), 5772.

    Pesaj or Passover is a Jewish holiday and festival. It commemorates the story of the Exodus, in which the ancient Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt. Passover begins on the 15th day of the month of Nisan in the Jewish calendar, which is in spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and is celebrated for seven or eight days. It is one of the most widely observed Jewish holidays.

    In the narrative of the Exodus, the Bible tells that God helped the Children of Israel escape slavery in Egypt by inflicting ten plagues upon the Egyptians before Pharaoh would release his Israelite slaves; the tenth and worst of the plagues was the slaughter of the first-born. The Israelites were instructed to mark the doorposts of their homes with the blood of a spring lamb and, upon seeing this, the spirit of the Lord passed over these homes, an easy way to remember the holiday.

    Meetings in Sefarad opens new website

    You can view the new web site at www.meetingsinsefarad.com.

    Meetings in Sefarad is an alliance of Spanish conference cities which has been conceived to enhance and promote their valuable Jewish heritage, with the aim to foster the organisation of conferences and corporate events. The association is formed by the cities of Ávila, Cáceres, Córdoba, Girona, Segovia and Toledo, with the backing of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters.

    Meetings in Sefarad offers the Spanish and international markets a unique proposal based on the exceptional Jewish heritage of its cities and on their high level of quality infrastructures and resources, as are required by the meetings industry.

    Its goal is to present its attractive offering of incentive programmes and social programmes for conferences, all of which are related to the common Sephardic heritage, which encompasses the monumental, cultural and culinary heritage and more. In this way, a quality response is offered to the demand of the markets which have a large Jewish community.

    Meetings in Sefarad, represents, in short, a new push for the touristic presence of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters within the business tourism industry.

    Second Tourism Virtual Fair of Spain to U.S. and Canada

    Spain Virtual Connection: A meeting place to connect, plan and imagine.  March 12th to December 31st

    The Network of Jewish Quarters in Spain is taking part in the second edition of the Virtual Fair, after the success of the first edition last year, which exceeded all expectations of both organizations as both Turespaña IMASTE, with 10,000 unique visitors and over 1,000 registered. Spain Virtual Connection is a virtual trade fair organized by Imaste and the Tourist Offices of Spain in the U.S. and Canada. The Fair allows extensive contact between professionals in the U.S. and Canadian travel industry (airlines, tour operators, travel agents, meeting planners ...) and all suppliers in Spain (destinations, accommodation, etc.). The fair aims to establish contact between these potential buyers as well as the general public interested in knowing the destination, taking advantage of the potential of new technologies and Internet 3D.

    This year, as novelty, the fair will have different stages: Networking Week. Spain Virtual Connection will be open both to the general public and professionals for five days from March 12th to 16th. During this period, visitors can interact with the Network of Jewish Quarters in real time. Annual Fair. After the Networking Week, the Fair will be open throughout the year until December 31st, 2012. During this period, visitors can gather all necessary information from our stand and leave their business cards and contact. Workshops. Our network will participate in a two-days-MICE-workshop.

    More information: www.conexionspainvirtual.com

    Book presentation and presentation of the Programme "Encounters in the Old Jewry of Toledo"

    Next March 9th, at 7 pm, book presentation of “La Judería de Toledo” by Jean Passini, at the the Real Fundación de Toledo.

    On the other hand we are pleased to announce the programme Encounters in the Old Jewish Jewish Quarter of Toledo, as part of a master plan for cultural and educational activities that aims to raise awareness which was in the past the most populous and wealthy Jewish quarter of Castile and his contribution to cultural and scientific splendor achieved by Toledo during the eleventh to thirteenth centuries. The programme invites to reflect on the coexistence of cultures from the historical background of the Jewish quarter of Toledo, and how it can boost scientific creation, dissemination of knowledge and the improvement of civilization towards an intercultural society. The City of Toledo, with the collaboration of the Sephardic Museum of the Royal Foundation of Toledo, the Network of Jewish Quarters in Spain and Sepharad-Israel has launched various programs, some of them grouped and coordinated under the general title Encounters in the Old Jewish Jewish Quarter. These are calls for a cultural weekend in Toledo, whcih usually extend its activities in the city and its cultural and recreational institutions. Music, art, educational activities and workshops, conferences and seminars, guided tours, theater, film movies, gastronomy, urban interventions, networking activities ... every meeting has a theme that inspires and encourages its component activities.

    More information: toledo@redjuderias.org.


    Activities in the Old Jewish Jewish Quarter of Toledo 2012- Generic Brochure.

    Activities in the Old Jewish Jewish Quarter of Toledo 2012- Activities.

    Activities in the Old Jewish Jewish Quarter of Toledo 2012-Gastronomy & Restaurants

    Activities in the Old Jewish Jewish Quarter of Toledo 2012- Activities/Postalfree.


    Besalú Jewish Town 2012

    Every Sunday of the month of March. Discover the ancient Jewish quarter of Jewish, its culture and its history.

    The official opening will be next Sunday March 4th  at 12 noon, by the president of the Red de Juderías de España and Mayor of Tortosa, Mr. Ferran Bel, along with the Mayor of Besalú, Mr. Lluís Guinó
    Celebration of the Feast of Purim and sweet tasting of "Haman's Ears"; performed guided tours  "A Jewish quarter of legend" by the company Excalibur; conference about the Quetubá of Besalú, by Lídia Donat; arts and crafts market all day long; activities for children and more. Information and reservations: phone + 34 972 59 12 40 - turisme@besalu.cat

    Sephardic Cooking in the Fórum Gastronómico 2012

    The Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters will attend in Santiago de Compostela's Fórum Gastronómico 2012 so that the traditional Sephardic cooking and wines are part of the gastronomical event.

    Wines and gastronomy, as well as the recovery of the traditional Sephardic cooking, are firmly supported by the Network as the perfect complement to the touristical and cultural offer of our cities. We will gladly welcome you at our stand (number 88) and we will show you some of our latest projects: Viñedos de Sefarad, or a tasting of several products from our cities like the Sephardic Sweet.

    Meeting Navarra-Sefarad

    Madrid, February 22nd 2012

    Meeting and round table with the mayor of Tudela, Mr. Luis Casado Oliver -who will become chairman of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters during the second semester of 2012-, the Ambassador of Israel in Spain, Mr. Alon Bar; the mayor of Olite, Mr. Francisco Javier Legaz Egea; Mr. Álvaro Albacete, general director of Sefarad-Israel, and Mr. Salvador Estébanez, representative of Navarra's Government in Madrid.

    Following these events the town councillor of Tudela, Mr. Jesús Álava Sesma, will give a lecture on "Benjamín de Tudela, a traveler through time". There have been Jewish remains in Navarra for centuries. Benjamín of Tudela, who visited more than 190 European and Asian cities, or Iben Ezra, astronomous and literate, are prove of the Jewish thinking splendour in the medieval Navarra.

    Lucena gets support from Toledo for inclusion in the Network of Jewish Quarters in Spain

    Lucena gains the support of Toledo for inclusion in the network Juderías Spain

    An agreement for the exchange of thematic concerts, specialized technical advice and the project presentation lucentino in the synagogue Santa Maria La Blanca, some of the agreements closed by the mayors of both cities.

    Lucena will be explicit and strong support from the city of Toledo, which boasts the second Vice-Presidency of the network Juderías Spain for inclusion of full right in this body, after a meeting held last week by the lucentino Mayor, Juan Pérez, with the first mayor toledano, Emiliano García-Page in the capital of La Mancha. During the meeting, which also took part the Councillor of culture and historical heritage, Manuel Lara Cantizani, García Pagés showed its commitment to the Organization of a presentation of the project lucentino in the synagogue Santa Maria La Blanca, as well as for the inclusion of the Director of the Sephardic Museum of Toledo, Santiago Palomero, at the technical Bureau of the project of the Jewish advisory capacity Lucena.

    Throughout the day also closed a collaboration agreement for the exchange of thematic concerts around the Jewish culture with the Toledo Councillors of tourism, culture and heritage, Anta Isabel Fernandez, and Jesus Nicolás Ruiz. In this way, this year, choir Eli Hoshaná city of Lucena shall act in the Toledo Tránsito synagogue, while manchego choir bring their issues to the Coracho Visigoth Basilica.

    This support adds to already shown by the Mayor of Cordoba, Jose Antonio Nieto, town also belonging to the network, as well as the Subdelegado of the Government in Córdoba, Juan José Primo Jurado, who said yesterday during his visit to the city that "the words Lucena and Sefarad go hand in hand" and showed his "total support" to the project with the remission in the coming days a letter of accession.

    Also the city prepares new activities and events in order to promote the inclusion of Lucena in the network, which is currently under study, such as the presentation of the study 'Converts Jews of Lucena', performed by the Professor of history at the University of Córdoba and Director of the digital magazine history and genealogy, Enrique Soria, considered one of the greatest experts at the international level in the field of Jewish convertsalong with who is studying the creation of a specialist in the field working group, after the meeting with Lara Cantizani in the field of the 'Images of a Jewish world' exhibition, held recently in Cordoba. Similarly, the presentation of the new edition of the book 'Lucena Jewish' work of Jesús Peláez, edited is preparing some years ago by the Editorial El Almendro and which is intended to give greater impetus to the knowledge and promotion of the city's Jewish past.

    The Lucena Mayor showed their satisfaction with the agreements reached, as well as his conviction of its importance for the integration of Lucena in the network Juderías Spain with "consequent benefits from the tourist point of view" that this will entail for the city. The visit of the Mayor to Toledo coincided with the presence of half a hundred of lucentinos students of the intergenerational Chair in the capital of La Mancha, accompanied by his teacher, José Calvo Poyatos, with whom had opportunity to share some moments along its cultural route.

    La Red en el Fórum Gastronómico de Santiago de Compostela. 26 de febrero de 2012

    After the success of last year in Girona, the network Red de Juderias de España will participate again in the Forum Gastronómico 2012, this time in the city of Santiago de Compostela, next Feb. 26-28th.

    Since the first edition (now held annually alternating the cities of Girona and Santiago de Compostela), the Gastronomic Forum has become the essential meeting point for professionals in the food businesses. The Forum is pioneer in congresses with cooking exhibition.

    Our association is strongly committed to the recovery of food and wine products related to Sephardic tradition, as an ideal complement to the tourism and cultural development of our cities.

    We will be glad to meet you at our stand and let you know about our latest innovations: product presentation of Sepharad Vineyards and tasting produces of our cities, such as the Sephardic Sweet made of nuts, oranges and spices.

    On Sunday February 26th at 4 p.m., we will celebrate the “live active cooking” workshop: APERITIVUS, cooking in miniature, conducted by chefs Samuel Perea and Victor Gloger, founders of “Cocina por la Paz”. A combination of smells, tastes and sensations of the Sephardic tradition with surprising creative recipes in this luminary of cultures. And, exclusively for associated establishments to RASGO, we have programmed an interesting and attractive program in the city of Ribadavia. We are looking forward to meeting you!

    Music and Judaism

    New series of lectures in the Jewish quarter of Girona

    Next week we will inaugurate the series of lectures 2012, focused on the relationship between the Music and Judaism, a very ancient, true, prolific and productive one, although not always accepted, understood and saw from the same point of view.

    The programme includes five conferences which will be done from February to June, every last Thursday of each month at 7 pm in the Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies.

    Cultural program of Tortosa during the presidency of the Red

    Cultural program of Tortosa during the presidency of the Red de Juderias de España January-June 2012

    Series of lectures on Jewish culture, by Mr. Andreu Lascorz. Organized by Cultural ANTENNA TORTOSA URV and the municipality of Tortosa The series opens on Thursday February 16 with the first conference. Andreu Lascorz is graduated in Hebrew Philology (Universitat de Barcelona) and is the president of the Association for Cultural Relations Catalonia-Israel. He has written several articles on Jewish history and culture. In January 2012 he has been awarded the with the Samuel Hadas Prize by the Embassy of Israel in Spain.

    Cinema series, from January to May, on the last Wednesday of every month. The program will present three renowned directors of Jewish origin: Amos Gitai, Radu Mihaileanu and Daniel Burman. The films will approach various aspects such as cultural, personal conflicts or reconstruction of identity, within the scope of Jewish culture.

    You will find more information in the agenda of Tortosa

    International Holocaust Remembrance Day

    The Network of Spanish Jewish Sites joins the events of remembrance and commemoration of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

    The chairman of the Network, Mr. Ferran Bel, will be present at the scheduled event to commemorate the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which will take place in Madrid on January 26th in Sala de Europa of the Senate building at 6.30 pm. You will find more information in Casa Sefarad-Israel website.

    Other cities of the Network have scheduled several commemoration events. In Barcelona, for instance, on Wednesday January 25th, the Catalan government Generalitat de Catalunya has organized an event in the Palau de la Generalitat, which will include the lecture Memòria de la barbàrie i construcció del futur, by PhD. Reyes Mate (CSIC), at 5.30 pm. After that, the city council of Barcelona, in collaboration with several Jewish communities and organizations, has planned a public event at 7.45 pm in Sant Jaume square.

    In Seville, the Foundation Tres Culturas has planned several activities, such as the lighting of eight candles to remember the eight million people who died during the Holocaust, or a concert by the singer and composer Mor Karbasi.

    Image copyright © 2012 Yad Vashem The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority

    La Red de Juderias de España en FITUR 2012

    Fitur 2012 ha servido de marco para la presentación del nuevo Plan Estratégico Comercial y Comunicacional 2012-2014 de la Red de Juderías de España – Caminos de Sefarad.

    Happy Hanukkah. Hag Smeag!

    Hanukkah (Hebrew: חֲנֻכָּה‎, Tiberian: Ḥănukkāh, usually spelled חנוכה pronounced [χanuˈka] in Modern Hebrew, also romanized as Chanukah, Chanukkah, or Chanuka), also known as the Festival of Lights, is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple (the Second Temple) in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt of the 2nd century BCE. Hanukkah is observed for eight nights and days, starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar, which may occur at any time from late November to late December in the Gregorian calendar.

    The festival is observed by the kindling of the lights of a unique candelabrum, the nine-branched Menorah or Hanukiah, one additional light on each night of the holiday, progressing to eight on the final night. The typical Menorah consists of eight branches with an additional raised branch. The extra light is called a shamash (Hebrew: שמש, "attendant" or "sexton") and is given a distinct location, usually above or below the rest. The purpose of the shamash is to have a light available for use, as using the Hanukkah lights themselves is forbidden.

    New calendar 2012 / 5772-5773 of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters – Routes of Sepharad

    The Network of Spanish Jewish quarters has edited its yearly almanac, which combines the Gregorian calendar with the Jewish calendar. Under the title SABORES DE SEFARAD (Flavours of Sepharad), the calendar offers attractive images of the cities of the Network linked to some specific flavour of each place.

    The calendar is available through our online shop in two size: wall (21x30 cm) and desktop (10x20 cm).

    Training courses on Jewish Culture

    Jaen, November 10th, 15th, 22nd and 24th.

    Oviedo, November 28th, 29th and 30th.

    The Andalusian Delegation of the Consortium Sefarad-Israel, in collaboration with the City Council of Jaén, is organising a series of lectures under the title “The Jews in Spain: History and Culture”, at its Jaén headquarters on November 10th, 15th, 22nd and 24th.

    More information and registration: jaen@redjuderias.org.

    The City of Oviedo, with the collaboration of Red de Juderías de España and the Jewish Community of Asturias, have programmed for the next Nov. 28th - 30th, a training course on Jewish culture, specifically focused to tourist professional guides. The conferences will take place at the Auditorium Príncipe Felipe. To complement the theoretical sessions, a tour of to the Jewish quarter and Synagogue “Casina del Fontán” have been planned.

    More information and registration: oviedo@redjuderias.org – Phone: + 34 985 27 68 01

    More information (PDF)

    Training courses on Jewish Culture: Jaen

    Training courses on Jewish Culture: Oviedo

    As Xuderias of Galicia. Training course for RASGO professional guides in Ribadavia and Monforte de L

    October 28th and 29th, 2011.


    The course will highlight the role of the Jewish presence in the history of Galicia and the current situation regarding the recovery of this heritage. It will also introduce strategies to promote tourism interested in the Jewish cultural legacy.


    More information (PDF file)


    Erensya: Sephardim from all over the world meet in Bulgaria

    In this month's issue of ALEF magazine, our friends from Sefarad-Israel report on the recent meeting in Bulgaria (pages 8 and 9), where a delegation of the Red de Juderías de España took part, led by its President and Mayor of Toledo Mr. Emiliano García-Page Sánchez.

    More information:



    Shana Tova - Happy New Year 5772

    On occasion of ROSH HASHANA, our best wishes to all our friends.

    To learn more about this celebration:

    Rosh Hashana, literally "Head of the year," is a Jewish holiday, commonly referred to as the "Jewish New Year". It is observed on the first day of Tishrei, the seventh month of the Hebrew calendar.

    It commemorates the creation of the world as narrated in the Bible, and it is celebrated by Jewish communities all over the world. Rosh Hashana is the first of the Ten Days of Repentance, which conclude with the celebration of Yom Kippur, or Day of Atonement.

    The tradition of Rosh Hashana goes back some 4.500 years, when the date used to be announced from Jerusalem to all communities by means of bonfires. Jews all over the world receive Rosh Hashana, the beginning of the new year, by eating apples covered in honey and saying their prayers to the background sound of the shofar, one of the oldest instruments of humanity.

    Besides eating apples and sponge cakes covered in honey to bring about a “sweet” new year, another traditional custom is visiting sources of flowing water, such as the sea, rivers or springs, in order to ‘rid oneself of the sins and immoralities’ of the year gone by.

    During the festive dinner, the following blessing is said: “May it be Your will that we should be head and not tail”. Typical food, served on the occasion, are gefilde fish or stews, dates, black-eyed beans, leek and spinach, as symbols of good luck and fertility.

    For lay Israelite Jews, Rosh Hashana is a favourable date for travels and holidays, since the new year starts off a festive period which ends with Sukkot, or Feast of Tabernacles, on the 15th day of Tishrei (this year: October 3rd ).


    1st World Meeting of Sephardic Jews. Bulgaria, Sept. 19-21st 11

    The presidency of the network Red de Juderías de España participates in this global meeting organized by Sefarad-Israel, the Spanish Embassy in Bulgaria and Shalom Bulgaria, with the co-operation of the Red de Juderías de España, the Cervantes Institute in Sofia, Three Cultures Foundation, Casa del Mediterráneo and the Israeli Embassy in Bulgaria. The program includes a schedule of official visits and institutional meetings , with the main purposr to strengthen links between Spain and the Sephardic Communities of the Eastern Diaspora, which after five centuries have maintained the language and traditions of Sepharad.


    Great success of the 12nd European Day of the Jewish Culture

    Learn more about the evaluation data in Jewisheritage.org.




    12nd European Day of Jewish Culture. September, 4th, 2011

    Evaluation data (provisional)

    Country City Activities Participants
    SerbiaNovi Sad4250
     Estella Lizarra145
    UkraineAll cities2512,400
    TOTAL SO FAR... 19 130 78,005




    The European Day of Jewish Culture 2011 is celebrating its 12 th edition

    Open Doors to Jewish Heritage in Europe: more than 25 countries will simultaneously celebrate once again, on the first Sunday of September, this event which aims to bring the Jewish cultural heritage to the general public.

    In Spain, the 21 Jewish quarters of the Red de Juderias de España (network of Jewish Quarters in Spain), in collaboration with Madrid, Tui, Lucena,Valencia, Castelló d'Empúries have prepared a special program with a wide range of activities including guided tours, exhibitions, concerts, workshops, tastings, book fairs, etc. See the programme.

    Under the 2011 theme Heritage 2.0., the programming aims to explore the possibilities offered by new technologies to improve communication of tangible and intangible historical Jewish, as well as the dialogue and interaction with the public. 





    The Red de Juderias de España is responsible for the coordination in Spain and in Europe (as a founding member of the AEPJ) of the European Day of Jewish Culture. This Day of Open Doors was launched in 1999 and this year is celebrating its twelfth edition. It is sponsored by the Council of Europe as a project of the Major European Cultural Route of Jewish Heritage, which mission is to promote the ancient and modern heritage of our towns and cities spread to the general public.

    This twelfth edition will bring together 27 participating European countries and we hope to surpass the turnout figures of the previous year, with the conclusion of more than 800 events, which brought together more than 170,000 participants.

    In Spain 26 cities are taking part in the event: Avila, Barcelona, Besalú, Cáceres, Calahorra, Córdoba, Estella, Girona, Hervás, Jaén, León, Monforte, Oviedo, Palma, Plasencia, Ribadavia, Segovia, Tarazona, Toledo, Tortosa and Tudela all members of the association, but also involving the cities of Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia, Tui, Lucena and Castelló d'Empúries.

    All together we have prepared around 150 different activities, among which we highlight (grouped roughly by similar characteristics): Open Doors to museums and historical centers, specialized guided tours, temporary exhibitions, lectures, concerts, fairs, activities for children, workshops, movie screenings, not to mention a wide choice of gastronomic activities, and not forgetting the exchange between some of our cities, which organise and exchange public, for exemple between the cities of Cáceres and Segovia, and Toledo with Jaen.

    Finally, we wish to emphasize those individual actions especially programmed under the 2011 theme, Heritage 2.0., a glimpse into the future. For this reason we are developing on-line cultural activities such competitions, gymkhana, flash mobs, videos, ie a list of activities that deal with the possibilities offered by the new technologies and social networks, increasing the participation and enjoy the various events all over,  making it easier to interact and broadening participation.

    We are pleased to invite you to participate in some of our activities whose information can be found widely on our websites: www.jewisheritage.org and www.redjuderias.org.






    Several cities of the Network of Spanish Jewish quarters are organising special activities during the summer: guided visits, film series, afternoons of stories, nights of concerts, etc.

    Details can be found at AGENDA.

    Movie nights at the Call of Girona/Israeli Cinema in Segovia

    This year, in collaboration with the Jewish Film Festival of Barcelona, and the Patronat Call de Girona has scheduled for this month of July the screenings of Holly Rollers (July 24th) and The Infidel (July 28th), at the Patio of the Bonastruc ça Porta Centre.

    More information: girona@redjuderias.org / phone + 34 972 21 67 61

    Israeli Cinema

    During August there will be the fourth edition of the Israeli Film Series. This activity recovers the charm of summertime movies in the heart of the Jewish quarter of Segovia, at the courtyard of the House of Abraham Seneor. We will enjoy a selection of films that will approach us to the Jewish culture.

    More information: segovia@redjuderias.org / www.reservasdesegovia.com



    1st Virtual Tourism Fair of Spain

    July 6th to 13th July.

    The Network Red de Juderías de España has a stand in the 1st Virtual Tourism Fair of Spain, adressed to the US and Canada tourism market. July 6th to 13th July.


    Los Conversos 2011. Hervás, June 30th to July 3rd

    15th  edition of Los Conversos & theatre play  “La Estrella de Hervás”.

    More information:



    More information:



    Córdoba, June 20th to 26th, 2011.

    The Festival will gather the best groups of Sephardic music from Spain and from the rest of the world, in a special setting as is the Botanical Garden of Cordoba, by the river Guadalquivir.

    In this edition, dance workshops, conferences, storytellers and a kosher wine tasting are programmed as complementary activities to the concerts.

    More information: cordoba@redjuderias.org; turismo@ayuncordoba.es; www.ayuncordoba.es

    More information (PDF file)



    From June 11th to 19th, Barcelona will be the main venue of this festival, which presents a new slogan this year: OPEN MINDED CINEMA.

    The “Festival de Cinema Jueu de Barcelona” celebrates its thirteenth edition with an ambitious programme, as always, in order to promote a kind of cinema which generally is not present at the comercial circuits.

    Within the documentary genre, the tale “I Shot My Love”, by Israelite Tomer Heyman will be presented. The Argentine Daniel Burman presents “Los 36 Justos·, a travel diary from Russia, Ukraine and Poland. Yael Hersonski recovers some unknown shootage of the ghetto of Warsaw made by the Nazis, for “A Film Unfinished”. Fabienne Rousso-Lenoir draws in “Cabaret Berlin” parallels between the decaying evolution of Berlin Cabaret and the evolution of the Weimar Republic. “My Perestroika”, by Robin Hessman, showes the transformation of the old Soviet Union into nowadays Russia through the eyes of five schoolboys from the other side of the Iron Curtain. Three short films of the documentary genre are completing this view most close to reality: “Starring David”, by Ester Gould; a 2D version of the kidnapping of a plane in 1976, “Cohen on the Bridge”, by Andrew Wainrib; and “Strangers No More”, by Karen Goodman and Kirk Simon, which has recently been awarded the Oscar for the best Short Documentary, and which shows the life of refugee children in a school in Tel Aviv.

    In the fictional genre, “The Bubble”, by Eytan Fox, will open the festival this year with this particular view of the modern youth of Tel Aviv, always overshadowed by inescapable violence. “Little Rose”, by Jam Kidawa-Blónski is a spy thriller from the late Sixties. Kevin Asch presents in“Holy Rollers” a young orthodox Jew lured into drug dealing by a friend with connections to a drug cartel. “Mahler on the Couch”, by Percy Adlon, describes the –real- encounter betwen the musician and Freud.. “Protektor”, a subtle thriller set in depressing Prague during World War II. un filme de sigiloso suspense que fotografía en movimiento la Praga apocada durante la II Guerra Mundial. Marcos Carnevale presents one of the most sensibel and moving films, about a girl with Down’s Syndrome, and who gives name to the film: “Anita”, who gets lost in Buenos Aires after a terrorist attack. Eran Riklis, too, employs an attack to start off a crazy and endearing journey in “El viaje del director de recursos humanos”. Dani Levi, with “Life is Too Long”, also gives comedy a presence at the festival, the same as Brit Josh Appignanesi, with “The Infidel”, a story about a Muslim who, in the most unforeseen way, discovers his real, Jewish, origin.

    Venues and times:

    At the Instituto Francés, from Sunday to Friday, two sessions: 7h30 pm and 9h30 pm and Plaza de Sant Felip Neri, Saturdays, at 10 pm.

    More information (PDF file)


    Girona, Temps de Flors

    56th flower exhibition in the old quarter of Girona, from May 7th to 15th 2011



    Within the programme of the 56th flower exhibition "Girona, Temps de Flors", which this year takes place between May 7th to 15th, the Patronat Call de Girona organizes different activities inside the Bonastruc ça Porta Centre. There will be the flower exhibitions Pause and Entropies, in addition to several choral concerts during the first and second weekend.

    There will be open doors all days from 10 am to 9 pm, and we have programmed also two special activities: the Night of the Museums on May 14th, with open doors and a joint activity from the five museums of the city, and the International Museums Day on May 18th.

    We invite you to visit the city during this special activity, and to discover its most amazing accomodation and restaurants.



    Bibliografía española de judaica. Selección de libros (1940-2008)

    Book edited by Casa Sefarad-Israel and Red de Juderías de España

    Casa Sefarad-Israel with the Red de Juderías de España wants to celebrate the day of the book. Instead of choosing a single title, we want to acknowledge the existence of the book and provide access to literature on Judaism for everyone. This will allow to find the book title needed, and is useful for researchers, academics, students and in general for those who want to know more about it. The information in this book, updated in 2010, has been produced by the most important Spanish specialist on Jewish literature, Uriel Macías. It is our gift to the internet community on the day of the book.

    You can download and read the book in our section Publications.

    Qandil. Luces del Poniente. A new book of the Jewish roots

    The editorial Almuzara from Cordoba publised: Qandil, Luces de Poniente. A new book of Francisco Martinez Dalmases which collected the testimonies of the descendants of Jews and Muslims who lived in the Iberian Peninsula until they were expelled.

    A large number of Spanish families have a Muslim or Jewish past not so remote. This book reconstructs the reality of many of them and helps them discover their own history.
    For centuries, a fact that many sensed or perceived at the same time remained hidden and postponed. Although it was intended to destroy the legacy of our ancestors, many of our customs, traditions and even our own skin revealed that the roots were still there, still doing its job, giving life to the collective memory. One had only to scratch a little history to tell us who we really are, to testify that many of us, but could surprise in the first instance, we have Jewish or Muslim ancestors in the parapet of our past. Since the rich oral tradition to the old chronicles of silent people, from the research of historians to trace forgotten Gnostic being Hispanic, it brings forth in this book a story ever told. The testimony of those who, hidden among us, descendants of Jews or Muslims, remained denied and ignored ... until today.
    Francisco Martinez Dalmases (Lleida, 1955) has made over the last decades numerous translations of Sufi texts into Castilian, in particular the work of Idries Shah.

    EDJC 2.0: Facing The Future

    EDJC 2.0: Facing the Future”

    Jewish heritage in the era 2.0: new approaches to promotion and preservation using the new tools of communication, representation and exchange

    The new era of communication has opened up a world of new possibilities for presenting and highlighting Jewish Culture and heritage.

    Whether it is graphic design, videos, films, internet forums, etc., they all offer the opportunity of both a new view on already known aspects, and of tackling the subject in a totally different way, using the ever increasing facilities for sharing information interactively in a social media dialogue.

    Please find here the 5 proposals we have received for the poster EDJC 2011, up to date:





    Besalú Jewish City

    March 4th-6th, 2011

    An annual event in Besalú, with a program that tries to approach and spread the rich cultural and historical Sephardic heritage of the city. The program includes exhibitions, lectures, guided tours, book presentation, children's entertainment and a traditional market with crafts demonstrations and workshops.

    More information (PDF file)


    La Casa de Sefarad in Córdoba, has been awarded the Medal of Andalusia

    In the concession stands that it is a private cultural initiative for the recovery work and value of culture, history and Judeo-Spanish tradition. La Casa de Sefarad has excelled in the past year to boost international initiatives as the Bid Prince of Asturias Award for Concord to communities and Moorish-Andalusian descent. Also opened a stunning new museum room dedicated to the Inquisition. In its opening was held an event called "In My name" consisting of writing on the walls of the Museum every one of the names of the hundreds of victims burned by the Inquisition Cordoba along three centuries. This event was attended by representatives of the Sephardic communities of Argentina, United States, France, Morocco ...

    Among many other activities that highlight the celebration is a tribute to Carlos Cano on the tenth anniversary of his death, in collaboration with the Foundation Saramago, the University of Seville and the Andalusian Association of Anthropology. And concerts, seminars, gatherings ... and Reyes Mate, Haim Vidal Sephiha, the Estreyikas Istanbul, Iris Zavala. In order to live a true cultural center



    Red de Juderías in the Gastronomic Forum

    Girona, from 20th to 23rd February, 2011






    Patronat Call and Red de Juderías de España participate in the Gastronomic Forum of Girona with different activities.


    More information (PDF file)


    The Jewish quarter of Cordoba and Heritage by Curt Leviant


    Jews may be gone, but Cordoba shows off their heritage

    By Curt Leviant and
    Erika Pfeifer Leviant

    Special to the Advocate

     It’s only a two-hour train ride from Madrid to Cordoba, but the atmosphere is miles apart. First of all, the weather. Whereas it was mild in October in Madrid, sunny Cordoba, much further south, felt like Florida.

    And the sunshine is not only outdoors. The storied Andalusian temperament is obvious as soon as you arrive... (continues in pdf)



    Córdoba with "Red de Juderías de España" in the Girona´s Gastronomic Forum 2011

    Córdoba involved with the Red de Juderías de España in the Girona´s  Gastronomic Forum from 20 to 23 February 2011, in a booth at the fair where products will be announced features of our city thanks to the collaboration of:

    Aceites Fuenteoliva, S.L.

    Alcubilla 2000 S.L.

    Asociación Empresarial de Almazaras Industriales de Córdoba

    Cofradía Gastronómica “Salmorejo Cordobés”

    Consejo Regulador Montilla-Moriles

    Grupo Cabezas Romero (Casa Pepe - Casa Rubio)

    Muñoz Vera e Hijos, S.A.

    San Francisco Fábrica de Aceites


    Official Day of Holocaust Remembrance and Prevention of Crimes against Humanity

    The “Red de Juderías de España” will be present, as every year in the act of State, convened by the Spanish Ministry Foreign Affairs in memory of Holocaust victims. A delegation of the Red will accompany the represented communities and institutions helping to keep alive the memory of those events that should never be repeated.



    The Spanish Council of Ministries agreed, in December 10th 2004, to stablish January 27th the as the "Official Day of Holocaust Remembrance and Prevention of Crimes against Humanity". According to this Decree-Law, every year this day, official acts of remembrance and homage to the victims are summoned.



    Tourism in the Red: RASGO website

    We present a new interactive and very visual platform where the user will be able to find the information to plan its journey and create its own route with a single click, being able to choose the way of navigation through the information, through interactive maps, nodes of virtual reality, texts and many images in a personalized way.

    The 21 cities of the network have in this new website the five sections of the project: Restaurants, Accommodations, Sign posting (itineraries), Guides (professional guided tours) and cultural Offer (activities, equipments and complementary services). In every section users will find a form for every establishment with its main features as well as contact data.

    Likewise, the website has an exclusive professional area for the associated establishments, where they can directly update its contents, to incorporate new products, offers and novelties.

    This new tool represents an important evolution in the web site www.redjuderias.org. It facilitates the navigation and search of information to the users and offers a new linking betwewn the association and the touristic equipments of every city through the RASGO project.

    RASGO is the distinguishing trait of quality of the network, for the touristic marketing, a project founded on the excellence of the services and touristic products that our Jewries offer to promote a cultural tourism of quality based on the Sephardic legacy. RASGO is focused in the five pillars that compose a touristic product to cover the five basic needs for every traveller: Restaurants, Accommodations, Sign posting, Guides and cultural Offer.


    FITUR 2011

    The International Fair of Tourism FITUR will celebrate its 31st edition next week, Jan. 19th to 23rd, in Madrid. FITUR brings thousands of professionals of the tourism together and is a very appropriate platform for the diffusion of our project RASGO: the distinguishin trait of quality of the Red de Juderías de España for the touristic commercialization. RASGO involves the sectors of the hotel business, restoration and professional guides in order to complement our main goal, which is the recovery and promotion of the Jewish cultural legacy in Spain.




    The Botanical Garden of Cordoba will be the scenary  of the teeth edition of the International Sephardic Music Festival of the Spanish network “Red de Juderías de España”, presenting a varied program of concerts that will undoubtedly bring back the best echoes left by the Jewish people to our history.

    An appointment that, in words of the Mayor of the city, Mr. Andrés Ocaña, "highlights the identity of this city “Heritage of the Humanity”, an identity defined by the meeting, the understanding and the dialogue between cultures as the only true way towards a communal life in peace”.


    The Spanish network “Red de Juderías de España” wishes you all a happy 2010


    Hanukkah. The feast of Lights.
    December 2th-9th, 2010.



    Hanukkah holiday commemorates the consecration and purification of the Temple after the victory of the Maccabeus on the Greeks in 165 b.C.E.

    It is one of the most important holidays in the calendar, of important significance for the Jewish people: it represents the victory of a minority on the powerful Greek army, with the recovery of their religious and political freedom. When the war finished, which lasted 20 years, inside the destroyed Temple, they found that the oil to light the Menorah would remain for only one day.

    An expedition was sent, to search for new oil, and it took them 8 days to go back. Then the miracle of Hanukah happened: this little oil that remained and kept the menorah shining for all this time.

    The Jewish families maintain today alive this memory and because of that, for 8 days, every night a candle of the Hanukkia --the 9 blanch-candelabra (one for every day besides the Shamash, the  testimony). At night, families meet to celebrate it, they eat levivot and sufganiot (sweet cakes), and children receive gifts and play with sevivon.



    Cession of the ketubah from Castelló d’Empùries to the Museum of Jewish History in Girona

    On December 2nd, the Historic archive of Girona will hand over an original Hebrew document from the 14th century to the Museum of Jewish History. This document is a “ketubah”, a Jewish marriage contract, signed in 1377 in the town of Castelló d’Empúries, which will be exhibited from now in one of the showrooms of the Museum.

    A series of lectures, dealing with different aspects related to the ketubah, will be given throughout the day to enhance this event.

    The detailed programme can be found (in Catalan language) at: http://www.girona.cat/


    From November 15th to 17th, Casa Sefarad-Israel, together with the Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain, is organising a meeting with those Sephardic communities in the world, who have their roots in the north of what now is Morocco.

    The programme of this encounter, which takes place between the cities of Madrid, Segovia and Seville, contains a variety of institutional ceremonies and cultural activities. The city of Segovia, member of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarter, and currently holding its chairmanship, is hosting the event on November 16th. On that day, the signing of the agreement to join the Erensya project, which already has brought together the Sephardic communities of Eastern Europe, will take place. Furthermore, the participants of the encounter will have the opportunity to visit the Jewish quarter of Segovia. On occasion of this event, Casa Sefarad-Israel has also organised a photographic exhibition, which is opened on November 15th at their headquarters in Madrid.

    International Heritage Show in Paris

    From November 4th to 7th, the International Heritage Show takes place at the Louvre Carroussel


    Since 15 years, this show is the showcase for both heritage sites and places, and professionals linked to their conservation and renovation, official institutions and specialized travel agencies and press. More than 200 exhibitors, from all fields related to heritage, present their works and services at this important event.

    Many activities take place at the show, such as debates and round tables with experts, dealing with different kind of heritage issues. There are also different educational and leisure workshops for the younger visitors, in order to awaken their interest in special, heritage-oriented professions.

    At the same time, the show is the venue chosen by organizations and institutions to award different prizes to distinguish excellence of work of artisans, companies, sites, owners, architects, etc.

    Each year, the show has a particular subject matter, on which the different activities are focused. This year, the subject matter is the Mediterranean Heritage.

    Cradle of civilizations, the Mediterranean is the indispensable link for exchanges between North and South, where objects, arts and ideas circulate. The Mediterranean basin is not only a cultural source of exceptional variety, but also a reservoir of talent and know-how, with a more than thousand-year-old heritage.

    Of particular interest at the show is the presence, with an own stand at the ‘Gabriel’ hall, of the European Cultural Routes, to which the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters, within the European Route of Jewish Heritage, belongs as well. This way, the Network is present at the show, represented by its General Secretary, Mrs. Assumpció Hosta.

    For more information on the International Heritage Show you can visit their website.


    European Conference of Jewish Communities and Organisations in London

    On October 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th, London will be the venue for the 4th edition of the European Conference of Jewish Communities and Organisations, under the title “Enabling Jewish Life in Europe. Building a Common Ground”.

    The conference will tackle different aspects of modern Jewish life, such as Culture, Welfare, Youth, or Resources and Development, including the participation of internationally renowned speakers. On occasion of the event, a reception by the Mayor of London, Mr. Boris Johnson, will be given on Friday, October 22nd.

    The Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters will be represented at the conference by Mrs. Claudia de Santos, deputy mayor of Segovia, the city which is currently holding the presidency of the Network, as well as its General Secretary, Mrs. Assumpció Hosta.


    More information (PDF file)

    Full Programme-4thConference.pdf


    On October 14th and 15th, the International Cultural and Conference Centre Mishkenot Shaananim in Jerusalem once more organises the annual Mediterranean Cultures Convention, which this year will be dedicated to Spain.

    For several years now, this centre has been organising an annual convention dedicated to Mediterranean cultures, focusing each year on a different country of the Mediterranean. This year, it is the turn of Spain, one of the favourite tourist destinations of Israelites, and a country with strong historic ties to the Jewish people.

    The convention will highlight different aspects and subjects reflecting the cultural and historic diversity and complexity of Spain. Contemporary Spain, Jewish history of Spain and its most important personalities, Spanish-Israelite relations, Art, Architecture and Literature, popular holidays and gastronomy are some of the subjects which will be dealt with by renowned specialists.

    The Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters is going to be present, too, represented by its General Secretary, Mrs.Assumpció Hosta, who will hold a lecture with the title “The Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters: history of a recovery, learning from the Past”.

    Israel Week in Caceres

    The Week of Israel in  Cáceres intends to bring the current culture of Israel to the general public.

    Through two exhibitions: "The  Fountains”, at the Baluarte de los Pozos, in the Old Jewish quarter, and " Pivenworld” at  the Isla Palace, in the New Jewish Quarter. Also the Week of Israeli Cinema has been programmed, with the screening of these movies: "The Bubble", “ Ushpizin, the guests” and "The  journey  of  James  to the Holy Land”.

    More information at: caceres@redjuderias.org

    Happy Shana Tova 5771!

    The traditional Hebrew greeting on Rosh Hashanah is Shana Tova for "[a] good year".

    Rosh Hashanah meals usually include apples and honey, to symbolize a sweet new year.

    Rosh Hashanah is characterized by the blowing of the shofar, a trumpet made from a ram's horn or the horn of a goat or various types of antelope or gazelle (although not from a cow), intended to symbolically awaken the listeners from their "slumbers" and alert them to the coming judgment.

    The Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters gets ready for the 11th edition of the European Day of Jewish

    Next September 5th, the 21 member cities of the Network, together with 4 collaborating cities, will offer an ample programme of events and activities in order to discover Jewish culture and heritage.

    This year’s motto “ART&JUDAISM” will explore the varied connections between both, focusing on either on classical subjects: painting, sculpture, literature, music, cinema or theatre; or on artists, or on other aspects, such as art applied to the religious sphere, patronage and art collections, and many others.

    More than 20 European countries, from Norway to Italy, from the United Kingdom to Ukraine, are joining this celebration. Their programmes can be found on www.jewisheritage.org.

    You will find the Spanish programme attached.

    More information (PDF file)


    Musical nights at the 'Call' series

    Free concerts in the Bonastruc ça Porta Centre

    This year again the Thursday nights in August will be enlivened by traditional Jewish music, within the incomparable setting of the courtyard of the Bonastruc ça Porta Centre.

    The first performance will take place on August 5th, presenting Los Caminos de Serkeci. On August 12th, the group Baet Klezmer Band, from Southern Spain will be visiting the ‘Call’, whereas Ana Alcaide will present her new album Como la Luna y el Sol on August 19th. And, last but not least, Raíces de Sefarad will arrive from “the other shore” on August 26th.

    All concerts begin at 10 pm. The entrance is free, until available seating capacity is completed. Access by Sant Llorenç Steet.

    The other Spain: Jewish People, from Coexistence to Tragedy

    Tarazona, July 19th to 21st.

    11th edition of the Summer course organised by University King Juan Carlos I (Madrid) and the Tarazona City Council. The course is coordinated by Mr. Ignacio Ruiz Rodríguez, professor of History of the Law of the King Juan Carlos I University. On this occasion and because of next Presidency semester of Tarazona at the Red de Juderías de España, the organization has bet for the subject of the Jewish history. The town councilor of Education, Ms. Waldesca Navarro underlined the appropriateness of the course which, on one hand, will complete the educational summer programming, and on the other hand, will contribute to extend the offer of activities carried out by the municipality as a member of the network, always related to the Jewish culture and heritage.

    The course is open to all the interested people and will also count on 60 students coming from Madrid. The attendants will receive a guide book with the minutes of the course. Additional information and registrations (free): phone (+34) 976199110 or e-mail: j.fuentes@tarazona.es.

    More information (PDF file)

    Curso Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.pdf

    5TH Course on Hispanic Judaism. Segovia, July 7th to 9th

    There are few People that, as the Jewish, have developed most of their existence far from the places in which they were born and where their beliefs and traditions were developed. The religion and the Jewish ethos, intimately tied up with the Holy Land, has been formed and basically developed out of that land, in what is known as Diaspora. 

    To know the history of the Jewish Diaspora is to know the history of the Jewish people itself, whose first ancestor, Abraham, carries out the brand of the exile:  he was "a wandering Chaldean".
    With this course we intend to introduce the literary and cultural experience of the Jewish people in their different contexts and periods, from the Babylonian exile until our days. The course, as it is being usual, will be given by professors and university investigators specialized in the different subjects.

    More information (PDF file)


    The 12th Jewish Film Festival of Barcelona

    This new edition of the Jewish Film Festival of Barcelona comes full of novelties. First, the place of screening has changed and moved to Cinema Malda; then, three sessions will be screened in the street with free admission for all the citizens. Also, we are pleased to offer a number of classical films to complement the official programme of the Festival. 

    Music and musicians are one of the main themes of the festival this year whose offerings include: the legendary French singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg, the successful multi ethnic israeli experiment The Idan Raichel Project, the North American avant-gardist Raymond Scott and the hip-hop of Jaffawiye, a band that integrates youths of different creeds from the inner cities of Tel Aviv.

    The drama of Jaffa of Keren Yedaya and Ajami, by Scandar Copti and Yaron Shani shows the difficulties of life in Israel for Jewish, Muslims as well as for Christians. We will also see  current stories of Eastern Europe, films which portray the tragic effects of Nazi and Soviet persecution. Comedy has also a place, with La folle histoire d’amour de Simon Ezquenazy, by Jean-Jacques Zilbermann.

    The section of Classics of the Malda needs no presentation: Julia, Il giardino dei Finzi Contini, Au revoir les enfants...  as well as their famous directors: Gutiérrez Aragón, François Truffaut, Elia Kazan and the famous cast that includes Catherine Deneuve, Vanessa Redgrave, Alain Delon, Gregory Peck. The awards these classics received, including the Oscar, the Globo and the Cesar, proves the quality of the classic films in the program.

    We are also presenting the novel En Bartfuss, l’immortal, by Aharon Appelfeld, translated into Catalan by Eulàlia Sariola, among others.

    The Wine Kosher Festival and Sephardic Food

    The Festival of kosher wines and sephardic cuisine is an event organized by the Spanish Jewish Network, Casa Sefarad Israel and the Ribadavia´s Town Council in colaboration with Camara de Comercio España- Israel, Escuela de Hostelería de Ourense, Cooperativa Pazo Ribeiro and other wine and cultural entities. The festival which is designed for wine lovers and wine and gastronomy fans is a perfect chance to get acquainted and savour the excellence of Spanish wine and the culinary Sephardic culture.

    A unique event celebrated for the first time in Spain

    It will take place on June 11 in one of the most emblematic places of wine history in Europe, Ribadavia’s Jewish Quarter. This historical village will receive the most diverse and delicious wines, “tapas” and traditional sephardi dishes, a unique event, a real pleasure for the senses. Sample some amazing wines, delight in Spanish gastronomy and listen attentively to some prestigious professionals experts.

    Explore and sample fantastic wines

    This is the best excuse to get friends together and enjoy the wonderful world of kosher wine. Exhibitions, wine tasting sessions, music and of course the best sephardic food. Activities that will awaken a new world of sensations full of flavours, smells, textures and forms.

    Book now your tickets and spend an hour with the most celebrated Spanish wine expert

    Make a free reservation and take part in the wine and gastronomy tastings with highly esteemed celebrity wine expert Carlos Delgado in association with Abraham García (chef of the Michelin-starred gastrotemple Viridiana in Madrid), and Moisés Cohen (one of the most important producers of kosher wines in the world) and other qualified staff. And to make all the activities more pleasant you will be accompanied by Alexis Delgado on the piano, one of the most talented young pianist in Spain.

    More information (PDF file)



    Barcelona, Girona and Madrid. May 31st to June 2nd

    The Spanish network Red de Juderías de España collaborates in this event organized by Casa Sefarad Israel and Casa Asia. The meeting will deal on the presence of Jews in Asia -with a remarkable number of Sephardic ones among them-, and how did they arrive through India and the Route of the Silk. The meeting will count on the participation ofrepresentatives of the communities of Shanghai and Hong Kong, as well as distinguished representatives of the academic and business fields. The programme includes institutional and cultural activities in order to introduce the influence of the Jewish culture in the Asian continent.
    In Barcelona and Girona the group will be received by the local authorities and specific visits to the Jewries of these cities have been programmed.

    More information: www.casasefarad-israel.comwww.casaasia.es

    Cycle of Jewish cinema in Oviedo

    Next May 13th to the 16th, Oviedo organizes a new cycle of Jewish cinema. 

    The four films selected on this occasion are: "The year my parents went on vacation" (2009, Cao Hamburger), "Everything is illuminated" (Liev Schreiber, 2005), "Ghetto" (Audrius Juzenas, 2006) and "A mighty heart" (Michael Winterbottom, 2007). The movies will start at 8:30 p.m. in the Filarmónica theater. Entrance is free. The cycle is organized by the Municipality of Oviedo and the Jewish Community of the Principado of Asturias, with the collaboration of Red de Juderías de España. 



    Mauro a 12 years old Brazilian kid has nothing to do with the military system that controls his country. He has a huge dream and he would like to see his football team winning the third world championship.

    Suddenly, Mauro is separated from his parents and taken to live in a weird but nice community of Bom retiro, a district in Sao Paulo with many different cultures that between another cultures; it is important to mention the Jewish and Italy community.



    A young American Jewish, Jonathan Safran Foer who is motivated to travel to Ukrainian lands, in order to find his origins. Over there he will be helped for two particular tourist guides and in a rundown car with a message on top: "Jewish Heritage Tours",

    The will arrive to the land where his origins are from, living many funny histories. At the end of the history it would be possible to understand that “Everything is illuminated by the light of the past. Always is at the beside, inside, looking out”.



    Lithuania,1941. All Jewish citizens from around of Vilna are captured by Germans troops to be taken to concentration camps. Kittel a Nazi major leads the operation, but he has not soldiers and he needs help from the Jewish to do everything on the concentration camp.



    In January of 2002 Mariane Pearl World changed fore ver. His husband Daniel, a chief journalist of Wall Street Journal, he was searching an article about the terrorist Richard Ried. They moved to Karachi, where he was going to have a meeting with someone to know more information about the terrorist, after that he never comes back and Mariane was strong to be on top of the sadness and hate.


    April 22nd, 2010


    There is a large number of products elaborated under the kosher indication, that go towards the American, European and Israeli markets. They are food products that have a great acceptance in countries as United States where they are considered as ecologic or organic for many non Jewish people. The elaboration is simple, since it doesn’t not differ essentially from what is usually done and it is only necessary to follow the indications of the rabbi to supervise and to apply certain basic rules, so that the wine has kosher certification. With the collaboration and support of organisms such the Spain-Israel Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Red de Juderías de España, the commerce and exportation of these wines raises every year and it really has interesting possibilities for the wines of the Ribeiro area.

    See the programme attached. Registration is free. Information and reservations: ribadavia@redjuderias.org – Phone: (+ 34) 988 47 12 75


    More information (PDF file)

    folleto kosher.pdf

    HAG SAMEAH. Pesah 5770

    Red de Juderías de España wishes you all Happy Holidays.

    Nissan 15th – 21st // March 29th to April 6th 2010.

    This festivity commemorates the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt. Also known as the Feast of Freedom, Feast of Spring due to its relation with the start of the agricultural cycle, or “Matzo Holiday” because of the unleavened bread to recall the bread that the Jews had to eat during the exodus. The first night of Pesah is marked by Seder, a ceremonial traditional familiar dinner.

    Guided tours to the Jewish Quarter of Segovia

    For the Holy Week 2010, the Municipal Company of Tourism of Segovia has organized several guided tours, which will take place from Saturday the 27th until Sunday the 4th of April.

    One of the most important is the visit to the Jewish quarter of Segovia. The walk along the Jewish quarter, its streets and corners, also includes the visit to some of the principal centers: the Old Major Synagogue (Church of the Corpus Christi nowadays), the Didactic Centre of the Jewish Quarter, San Andres Gate and the Museum of Segovia. The purpose of the visit is the knowledge of the cultural Jewish legacy in Segovia. The visit will be 2 hour and 15 minutes. It is necessary to have a minimun of 4 people and a maximum of 40 people. 

    The Mayoress of Cáceres presents the 1ST Fair of Old Cities Multicáceres 2010

    The 1st Fair of Old Towns Multicáceres 2010 will be celebrated in the Monumental City of Cáceres next March 19th to 21st. About 30 exhibitors are expected to attend and exhibit their touristic products in a transparent carp that will be placed in the Plaza Mayor (Main Square). This is the first fair at national level of this type carried out in Spain. Its main goal is to become a point of reference for all those professionals of the tourism, the restoration, the conservation and the gastronomy so that, directly, the citizenship may know their services and products. As the Mayoress has said, it will also be "a meeting point " for the professionals of the tourism in order to renew the touristic activity in such an innovative way "as this" is.

    More information (PDF file)

    Feria de Cascos Antinguos Multicaceres. Documento expositores.pdf


    The City Council of Besalú organizes, for the fifth edition, a weekend dedicated to the Jewish culture and heritage, especially in Besalu.




     The event will take place next March 6th and 7th. It is an event that combines cultural and touristic aspects and that attracts a large number of visitors. On Saturday, the cultural part will develop with two conferences carried out by two entities related to the Jewish world, the Red de Juderias de España and Tarbut Sefarad. As a closure to these presentations, there will be a tasting of Sephardic cooking, offered by the association Besalú Gastronómica, involved in the RASGO program.

    On Sunday, there will be a Jewish market in the former streets of the call, all over the day. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy specialized guided tours and an exhibition of photographer Colita, about the Jewish quarter of Girona.




    More information (PDF file)

    punt 2010-4.pdf


    As every year, on the 14th of the Jewish month of Adar (Feb. 28th, in 2010) is celebrated the Feast of Purim (lucks, in Hebrew), in memory of the miracle occurred under the mandate of the Persian king Ahasuerus (around the 450 B.C), in which the Jews were saved from being annihilated. The Book of Ester tells us the story: Haman, minister of the king Ahasuerus, hated Mordecai because this did not inclined in front of him, as "the king had stated" and he prepared a plan to finish with the Jews. Mordecai put it in knowledge of his niece, the queen Ester, wife of king Ahasuerus, who could mess up the wicked plan.

    The Book of Ester (Meguilat Ester) is read out loud in the course of the Feast and every time that the name of Haman is pronounced, people make noise with rattles to erase the name.

    Even if Purim is considered one of the happiest days of the calendar, the previous day people fast and pray in memory of the Persian ancestors who did the same, requesting God to save them from the wicked plan. After the fasting, there is a banquet with wine (in this holiday people are allowed drinking wine "until they confuse the names of Haman and Mordecai”), sweets (the popular "Hamantaschen”). Canticles are recited, people send gifts to the friends and give charity to the poor ones. It is also a holiday where children take an active part, being disguised.

    The awakening of the Jewish quarter: a series of conferences in Tarazona

    The City Council of Tarazona and the Foundation Tarazona Monumental have organized a cycle of conferences entitled “The awakening of the Jewish quarter”. A monthly conference -from January to September 2010. has been programmed, on different aspects of the Jewish culture related to the history of the city.
    The cycle is inaugurated this week with a conference on the Red de Juderias de España, by her General Secretary, Mrs Assumpció Hosta. The event will take place next Friday, Jan. 29th, at the 8 p.m., at the Plenary Sessions Hall of the Tarazona Town Council.

    More information:  tarazona@redjuderias.org, secretaria@redjuderias.org


    Presentation of the Red de Juderías de España in Fitur 2010

    The Spanish network “Red de Juderias de España” is honoured to invite you, next Friday, January 22nd, at 6 p.m., to the presentation of the programma RASGO (tourism quality) and the tourist destination  “Caminos de Sefarad", with the collaboration of the Xunta of Galicia (autonomous government) and Turgalicia


    • 6 p.m. Welcome by Mr. Marcos Blanco, Mayor of Ribadavia and President of the Red de Juderías de España, accompanied by Mr. Roberto Varela Fariña, Culture and Tourism Counsellor of the Xunta de Galicia; Mrs. Mª del Carmen Pita Urgoiti, Directora-Gerente de Turgalicia Mrs. Claudia de Santos, Deputy Mayor for Cultural Heritage of Segovia (1st Vicepresidency of the Red de Juderias de España), and Mr. Miguel de Lucas, General Secretary of Casa Sefarad-Israel.
    • 6:10 p.m. Presentation by  Mrs. Assumpció Hosta, General Secretary of the Red de Juderías de España
    • 6:20 p.m Press conference
    • 6:30 p.m. Taste of Sephardic sweets and Ribeiro wine

    Place: FITUR. Spanish Tourism Fair
    Pabellón de Galicia, nº 9 ( 9c07/9c09) – IFEMA
    Address: Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I, MADRID

    More information
    : secretaria@redjuderias.org – Phone: (+ 34) 972 41 41 46

    More information (PDF file)

    Invitación Fitur 2010.pdf

    The Red de Juderías de España, in New York City

    The Spanish network has been invited to take part, next December 7th, in the symposium (link) organized by the American Sephardi Federation (ASF), in the frame of the 2009 year-long program “The Jews of Spain:  Past and Present".

    Precisely, the network will present a lecture on "The Sephardic Heritage as a Living Part of Spanish Culture", on Monday, Dec. 7th, at 3 pm. After the presentation, a round table on Contemporary Spain and the Jews is foreseen, moderated by Stanley Urman, Director of the ASF, and in which an official delegation of the network will be present.

    This program has the support of the General Consulate of Spain as well as the Spanish Tourist Office in New York. The conference will take place at the Center for Jewish History (15 West 16th Street, New York).

    For more information please visit: www.americansephardifederation.org

    More information (PDF file)


    Sephardic in Orient

    The Sephardic Diaspora in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean

    The Spanish network “Red de Juderías de España” joins this project, an initiative of Casa Sefarad-Israel and the Madrid Institute Cervantes, and will take part in the meeting with representatives of several Balkan Jewish communities of Sephardic origin, next Oct. 27th in Toledo.

    More information (PDF file)

    sefardies de oriente.pdf

    Trip to Israel: “Benjamín from Tudela, a traveller through the time”. Nov. 22nd to 29th

    Last August 28th Tudela presented a journey to Israel, to follow the steps of Benjamin from Tudela (12th century).


    The mayor, Mr. Luis Casado presented officially this project, which counts with the support of the Embassy of Israel in Spain and Casa Sefarad-Israel, among others. The event was attended by representatives of the supporting entities such the Red de Juderías de España or El Al Israeli Airlines of Israel. In addition, this year Tudela celebrates the 25th anniversary of the beginning of relations with the Israeli city of Tiberias.

    The trip will be next November 22nd to the 29th. Find attached the programme and for further information, please contact:

    Viajes Marfil, S.L.

    C/ Gardachales, 3 - 31.500 TUDELA

    Tel. 948 848 416 - E-mail: yserrano@marfilviajes.com


    Great success of the celebration of 10th anniversary

    Plasencia, September 4th



    En el marco incomparable de la Sala Capitular del Parador Nacional de Turismo de Plasencia, la Presidenta de la Red de Juderías de España Caminos de Sefarad y Alcaldesa de Plasencia; Dña Elia Mª Blanco, ha inaugurado el Programa de la X Jornada Europea de la Cultura Judía acompañada por D. Juan Ramón Ferreira, Presidente de la Asamblea de Extremadura, D. Juan Andrés Tovar, Presidente de la Diputación Provincial de Cáceres, Dª Esperanza Díaz, Directora General de Patrimonio Cultural de la Junta de Extremadura y Dª Claude Bloch, Vicepresidenta de la Asociación Europea para la Preservación del Patrimonio Judío (AEPJ).

    Posteriormente D. José Antonio Lisbona, investigador y experto en judaísmo contemporáneo, ha ofrecido la conferencia inaugural “Los Judíos de Europa, transición del S XX al XXI”

    Para finalizar se ha realizado una Mesa Redonda bajo el título “La Recuperación del Patrimonio Judío en España. Dialogo intercultural”, con la participación de Sra. Assumpció Hosta, Secretaria General de la Red de Juderías de España; D. Miguel de Lucas, Secretario General de Casa Sefarad-Israel; D. Jacobo Israel Garzón, Presidente de la Federación de Comunidades Judías de España, Dª Annie Sacerdoti, representante de la Asociación Europea para la Preservación del Patrimonio Judío (AEPJ) y D. Enrique Ribes, Director del Centro Extremeño de Estudios para la Paz.

    A los actos han acudido representantes municipales de varias de las ciudades miembro de la Red de Juderías de España-Caminos de Sefarad, como Palma de Mallorca, León, Barcelona, Ribadavia, Hervás, Oviedo, Gerona, Cáceres y Tudela.

    La Jornada ha contado con una gran participación y un alto interés por parte de todos los asistentes. Este acto central ha servido para festejar el 10º aniversario de la Jornada y precede la Jornada de este año que, bajo el lema "fiestas y tradiciones" se celebrará en toda Europa este fin de semana. Las ciudades de la Red de Juderías han programado para esta ocasión un gran número de actividades para todos los públicos para dar a conocer el pasado judío de nuestras ciudades y que se puede consultar en: www.redjuderias.org

    Los actos de hoy en Plasencia continuarán por la tarde con diferentes visitas a la ciudad, según programa adjunto.


    Celebration of the 10th anhiversary of the European Day of Jewish Culture

    Plasencia, September 4th 2009



    Friday, September 4th
    09:30 am
    Welcome of participants and delivery of documentation
    Place: Sala Capitular del Parador de Turismo

    10:00 am
    Opening of the event. Speeches by:
    Presentation and welcome by Ms. Elia Mª Blanco, Mayoress of Plasencia
    Mrs. Claude Bloch, Vicepresident of the European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage (AEPJ)
    Mrs. Esperanza Díaz, General Director of Cultural Heritage of the Junta de Extremadura
    Mr. Juan Andrés Tovar Mena, President of the Diputación Provincial de Cáceres
    Mr. Juan Ramón Ferreira, Chairman of the Assembly of Extremadura

    10:45 am
    Opening lecture: "Los judíos de Europa, transición del siglo XX al XXI", by José Antonio Lisbona

    12:00 noon
    Coffee break

    12:30 pm
    Round table "La recuperación del patrimonio judío en España. Diálogo intercultural" (The recovery of the Jewish heritage in Spain. Intercultural dialogue), chaired by Ms. Isabel Pérez, Manager of Tourism from the Municipality of Plasencia.
    With the participation of:
    Mrs. Assumpció Hosta, Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters
    Mr. Miguel de Lucas, Casa Sefarad-Israel
    Mr. Jacoba Israel Garzón, chairman of Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain
    Mrs. Annie Sacerdoti, AEPJ (European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage)
    Mr. Enrique Ribes, Director of Centre of Studies for Peace in Extremadura

    02:00 pm
    Visit of the Jewish cemetery "El Berrocal"

    8:00 pm
    Exhibition "Judíos galardonados con el Premio Príncipe de Asturias"
    Place: Claustro del Centro Cultural "Las Claras"
    Degustation of Sephardic sweets

    9:00 pm
    Concert by Coro de Cámara "Elí Hoshaná" Ciudad de Lucena
    Place: Capilla del Centro Cultural "Las Claras"


    We have just released a new weblog!

    The new weblog is a channel that presents a more direct, playful and close form of communication and discussion for the Network.

    You could find it here: Weblog by Red de Juderías de España.

    10th European Day of Jewish Culture

    Sunday, September 6th 2009

    The European Day of the Jewish Culture celebrates its tenth edition this year. We are pleased to invite you to know and to approach to the Jewish heritage of our cities, which offer this very special day a wide variety of events and activities  specifically related to the holidays and traditions of the Judaism, as the main topic of this 2009 Day.

    Don’t miss the opportunity of enjoying guided tours through our ancient Jewish quarters, concerts of Sephardic music, exhibitions, conferences, fairs and other demonstrations related to the historical legacy and the people of Sepharad.

    More information (PDF file)


    8th Festival International of Sephardic Music

    Córdoba, June 23rd to 27th 2009

    he Botanical Garden of Cordoba will be the scenery  of a new edition of the International Festival of Sephardic Music of the Spanish network “Red de Juderías de España”, presenting a varied program of concerts that will undoubtedly bring back the best echoes left by the Jewish people to our history.

    An appointment that, in words of the Mayor of the city, Mr. Andrés Ocaña, "highlights the identity of this city “Heritage of the Humanity”, an identity defined by the meeting, the understanding and the dialogue between cultures as the only true way towards a communal life in peace”.

    More information (PDF file)


    11th edition of the Jewish Film Festival of Barcelona

    Under the motto "Nexios", on Thursday, May 21st, at the 'Salón de Crónicas' of the townhall of Barcelona, has taken place the press conference to launch the 11th edition of the Jewish Film Festival of Barcelona, which will start on Saturday, May 30th 2009.

    The event has been presided by the Delegate of Chairmanship, Mr. Ignasio Cardelús, and has also been attended by Mr. Diego de Ojeda, General Director of Casa Sefarad-Israel.
    Mr. Paulo Feferbaum, Chairman of the association Jewish Film Festival of Barcelona has presented the main lines of the festival, and Mrs. Daniela Rosenfeld has presented the programme of this year, which includes, among others, the film "El Payaso y el Führer" (The Clown and the Führer), dealing with the relations between Charlie rivel and the Third Reich. The festival will close with a special screening of the documentary "Vals con Bashir".
    A novelty this year is the promotion of the festival "guerrilla-style": Different pieces of paper containing questions related to the films of the festival will be distributed on May 23rd among the stones of the "Wall of Reflections", on the Sant Felip Neri Square. The answers to these questions can be found at the following weblog blogdelpaperet.com.

    More information (PDF file)

    filmfestival 02.pdf

    Red de Juderías de España publishes a new poster

    El mapa de España (Map of Spain), redesigned from the Hebrew letters samej, pe, resh and dalet creating SEFARAD with its own outline. It includes images of the different Jewries of our cities, on a black background with red letters.

    This poster, sober and elegant, is destined to promote the Red de Juderías de España in Fairs, tourism offices, cultural and touristic stores. People interested in obtaining a copy can ask for it in the office of any of our delegations.


    Calahorra: Talk of D. Uriel Macías Kapón, specialist in Spanish bibliography of Jewish

    "Worthless and other vegetables in the sephardic gastronomy"


    In the framework of the XIII Gastronomic Days of the Greenness of Calahorra, the conference will take place, Wednesday, April 22nd at 8.15 pm. in the arts center CajaRioja.

    On the way out will be presented to all the assistants with a sephardic thorn


    HAG SAMEAH. Pesah 5769

    One more year, the Spanish network of Jewish quarters wishes you all happy holidays. Nissan 15th-21st - April 9th to 16th, 2009

    One more year, the Spanish network of Jewish quarters wishes you all happy holidays

    Nissan 15th-21st - April 9th to 16th, 2009

    This festivity commemorates the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt. Also known as the Feast of Freedom. Other names of this holiday period are Feast of Spring due to its relation with the start of the agricultural cycle, and “matzo holiday” because of the unleavened bread eaten to recall the bread that the Jews had to eat during the exodus. The first night of Pesah is marked by Seder, a ceremonial traditional familiar dinner.


    Meeting of the executive committee of the European Day of Jewish Culture 2009

    Palma de Mallorca. March 27th, 2009

    In the picture: Ms. Claude Bloch (B'nai Brit'h Europa), Ms. Annie Sacerdoti (European Council of Jewish Communities) Ms. Assumpció Hosta (Red de Juderías de España), Mr. Maros Borsky, Mr. Claude Nadjari,  Mr. Peter Gyori and Ms. Sira Fatucci, with Ms. Joana M. Borràs and Mr. Barcillón.

    Representatives of the executive committee of the AEPJ and national coordinators of Italy, France, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have met today in Palma of Mallorca to coordinate the events of the 10th European Day of the Jewish Culture that will be celebrated the first Sunday of September in all Europe. The 2009 theme will be "Jewish festivities and Traditions". The delegation has received a warm welcome by Ms. Joana M. Borrás, Deputy Mayor of Institutional Relations and Tourism of the Town Council of Palma of Mallorca -current presidency of the Spanish network "Red de Juderías de España" and host of the event-, as well as by Mr. Barchillón, vice-president of the Jewish Community of the Balear Islands.


    International Symposium. Girona March 23rd to 25th.

    In 1998 the municipality of Girona published the two volumes edited by Dr. David Romano named "Per a una història de la Girona jueva” (For a history of the Jewish Girona), a compilation of the main texts written on the Jewish subject in our city, up to that moment. Throughout the last twenty years, from different universities and national and international centers of studies, research has remarkably advanced as well as the study and the knowledge of the Jewish community from Girona.

    The Patronat Call de Girona, with this symposium, wants to make all the people accessible the last lines of research, the most recent discoveries and the historical advances that allow a study in depth of this important part of our past.

    More information (PDF file)


    Segovia: Presentation of the programme “Activities in the Jewish quarter"

    March-December 2009

    The municipal council of Historical Heritage and Tourism, through the municipal Tourism Enterprise of Segovia, and with the support of Casa Sefarad-Israel, will present next March 14th the II Cycle of Activities in the Jewry, a new annual programme of activities with the aim of introducing the Jewish legacy of the city, an initiative which had very good results last year.

    The Opening will take place at 8 p.m. at the Alhondiga building, and will be honoured with the participation of Dr. Isaac Querub as special guest.

    More information (PDF file)


    Besalú, Jewish City

    March 7th and 8th 2009

    Temporary exhibitions, guided tours and lectures about Jewish culture in Besalú, Spain.

    More information (PDF file)



    Feb. 23rd to March 1st

    Restaurant Casa Juan (www. restaurantecasajuan.com)

    Today’s Jewish cooking is the result of two different influences: the demands of the law that rules the preparation of the food, and the habits of the places where the Jews have lived in the last two thousand years.

    In the Jewish cooking the traditions are jealously maintained through the kashrut, an ensemble of dietetic laws which rule which foods are allowed and which not according to the Jewish Law, and how do they must be prepared. Also, it is very interesting to notice how the Jewish cooking has adapted some ingredients from the different places where they have lived, to their own religious dietetic laws.

    Restaurante Casa Juan opens his doors these days to all publics to share extraordinary recipes from this tradition.

    More information (PDF file)

    Cocina sefardi en plasencia.pdf

    Congress of medieval Jewish Archeology in the Iberian peninsula

    Murcia, 26 to 28 February 2009.

    The Department of Culture and Tourism of the Murcia Regio has organized the MEDIEVAL CONGRESS OF ARCHAEOLOGY IN THE IBERIAN PENINSULA. BALANCE AND PERSPECTIVES, which will take place next Feb. 26th to 28th in Murcia (Spain), in parallel to the exhibition"Lorca, lights of Sefarad".

The Spanish network “Red de Juderías de España” has been invited to take part in the round table which, with the title "The diffusion of the Jewish Heritage”, will end the congress on the last day.

    More information (PDF file)


    JANUARY 27th


    The Council of Ministers established, on Dec. 10th 2004, the 27th of January as the Official Day of the Memory of the Holocaust and the Prevention of the Crimes against Humanity. This symbolic date remembers the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau (Poland) concentration camp.
    Since then, every year, the cities of the Spanish network “Red de Juderías de España” join the commemoration with the aim to spread among the citizens the tragic lessons of anti-Semitism and intolerance, and to promote to the new generations the values of the respect towards the people of different religion, culture or another social condition.
    This year the network will also be present in Madrid in the Act of State organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The association will be represented on this occasion by the current President and Mayoress of Palma de Mallorca, Ms. Aina Calvo Sastre, accompanied by the General Secretary, Ms. Assumpció Hosta

    Happy 2009

    The Spanish network Red de Juderías de España-Caminos de Sefarad wishes you all Happy 2009.


    Hanukkah. The feast of Lights

    Kislev 24th – Tevet 3rd, year 5769
    December 22nd-30th, 2008

    Hanukkah holiday commemorates the consecration and purification of the Temple after the victory of the Maccabeus on the Greeks in 165 b.C.E.

    It is one of the most important holidays in the calendar, since it has a deep meaning for the Jewish people: it represents the victory of a minority on the powerful Greek army, with the recovery of their religious and political freedom. When the war finished, which lasted 20 years, inside the destroyed Temple, they found that the oil to light the Menorah would remain for only one day.
    An expedition was sent, to search for new oil, and it took them 8 days to go back. Then the miracle of Hanukah happened: this little oil that remained, maintained the menorah shining for all this time.

    Today’s Jewish families maintain alive the memory and because of that, for 8 days, every night a candle of the Hanukkia --the 9 branch-candelabra (one for every day besides the Shamash, the testimony). At night, families meet to celebrate it, they eat levivot and sufganiot (sweet cakes), and children receive gifts and play with sevivon.

    Calendar 2009

    We are pleased to present the 2009 / 5769-5770 calendar of the Spanish network “Red de Juderías de España”, with two formats in one: wall and desktop calendar.


    On this occasion the design is inspired by the personalities of Jewish origin who have been awarded with the "Prince of Asturias" Prize in the last years. A total of 23 awarded in the fields of communication and arts, social sciences, scientific and technical research, fine arts, concord and international cooperation, such as George Steiner, Isaac Rabin, Woddy Allen, Amos Oz, Yehudi Menuhin, among others, who  illustrate the pages of the calendar, side by side with representative pictures of the 21 Jewish quarters of the network member cities.
    As usual, the calendar combines the traditional holidays of the Jewish calendar and those of the Gregorian one. It also provides detailed information on the holidays the Jewish annual cycle is organized around.

    Already on sale at: La Tienda Virtual. PVP: 10,00 €


    Opening of the exhibition: Jewish personalities awarded with the Price “Príncipe de Asturias”

    The city of Oviedo, currently holding the presidency seat of the Spanish network “Red de Juderías de España-Caminos de Sefarad” has prepared an exhibition devoted to those personalities of Jewish origin, which have been distinguished with the Price “Príncipe de Asturias” in the last recent years.

    A total of 23 Awards in the fields of Communication and Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, Scientific and Technical Research, Concordia and International Cooperation, such as: George Steiner, Jean Daniel, Maya Plisetskaya, Woddy Allen, Bod Dylan, Óscar Niemeyer, Paul Krugman, Marcos Moshinsky, Judah Folkman, Bert Vogelstein, Roberto Weinberg, Robert Kahn, Emilio Rosenblueth, Arthur Miller, Susan Sontag, Paul Auster, Amos Oz, Yehudi Menuhin, Daniel Barenboim, Yad Vashem, Isaac Rabin and Simone Veil. All of them are represented in this exhibition which will open next Nov. 21st in the frame of the meeting of the network’s 27th General Assembly. The exhibition will be displayed until January 11th 2009.

    1st International Workshop on the European Itinerary of Jewish Heritage

    Oviedo, November 4th and 5th, 2008





    The AEPJ (European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage), proposes for the this November a workshop to think about the future of the program "European Day of Jewish Culture" with the aim of improving it and consolidating it just before its 10th anniversary and within the framework of the patrimonial days that today are a reality in Europe.

    The Day (EDJC) that is celebrated at the same time all over Europe has gathered in the last years a huge success of visitors, participants and collaborators, proving to be a useful instrument of revalorization of the cultural heritage and a specially sensitive tool for the education in the diversity of the European citizenship.

    The workshop will take place on November 4th to 5th 2008 in Oviedo (Spain), for more information write to: secretaria@redjuderias.org

    The Presidency of the AEPJ (June 2008-2010) is being chaired by the Red de Juderías de España - Caminos de Sefarad, whose presidency lies in Oviedo, which takes this place after the respectively two years presidency of the NGO B'nai B'rith Europe and European Council of Jewish Communities (ECJC).





    More information (PDF file)


    Happy New Year 5769! Shana Tova 5769

    Jewish New Year - September 30th and October 1st


    A new year celebration marking the creation of the world. The family dinner includes, among many other things, applies dipped in honey, symbolising the wish for a sweet year. The holiday marks the beginning of the Penitential Days which culminate in Yom Kippur.


    Great success of the 9th edition of the European Day of Jewish Culture

    The celebration, held on Sunday, September 7th 2008, has attracted a large number of visitors to Jewish heritage sites all over Europe


    While reports about visitor numbers are still coming in, the overall impression of the event is already that of a huge success. The interest of the wider public in Jewish heritage is increasing every year, mainly due to the joint efforts of organising this European-wide celebration year after year.
    The general results of the event will be available soon on this site.

    This year's theme -MUSIC- proved to hold great attraction, since it offered a great variety of activities, such as guided tours accompanied by music, exhibitions on instruments, or on the role music plays in Jewish life, and, of course, concerts of all kinds of Jewish music: liturgical and lay music, Klezmer, Sephardic music and jazz. At some places, refreshments were being offered; at others, visitors joined in with singing and dancing.
    Some locations have established a whole week of events and activities around the EDJC, such as music and cinema festivals, medieval fairs or gastronomic days.

    Organizers, both local and national, have expressed their satisfaction about the outcome of the day, and declared their readiness to repeat the experience in 2009.
    Watch this site for the first details of the 10th edition of European Day of Jewish Culture 2009 coming soon.

    Last, but not least a big "THANK YOU" to all the organisers, helpers and volunteers, whose dedication and enthusiasm has made it all possible.


    9th European Day of Jewish Culture

    Sunday, September 7th, 2008. Theme: Music

    The European Day of Jewish Culture this year already celebrates its ninth edition, and again we invite you to visit our cities in order to get to know their Jewish heritage. They all offer a wide range of events and activities on this day, related specifically to Jewish music, which is the focus of the EDJC 2008.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy guided tours through the Jewish quarters, concerts of Sephardic music, exhibitions, lectures, fairs and other activities revolving around the historic legacy of Sepharad and its people.

    More information in www.jewisheritage.org/jh/.

    More information (PDF file)


    A new collection issued by Editorial Planeta: LAS GRANDES RUTAS DE EUROPA

    Six volumes to discover Europe from a new perspective. The collection introduces the villages, art and monuments, culture and traditions, religion, landscape and nature.

    A powerful visual work with the most beautiful images of the old continent: exceptional photographs and more than 15 hours of incredible documentaries. The Council of Europe.

    The volume 6, untitled “The spiritual legacy of Europe”, specifically comprises the European Route of the Jewish Heriatge, where the Spanish network “Red de Juderías de España” is part of it.

    The other volumes are:
    Volume 1. Ways  of peregrination
    Volume 2. Maritime routes
    Volume 3. Landscapes without frontiers
    Volume 4. Heritage and civilization
    Volume 5. Creators of the European identity
    Thes works are completed with 15 DVD-video, 1 DVD-Rom and a practical consulting guide to take the maximum advantage out for the work.

    More information:
    EDP Editores, S.L.
    General Director of “Grandes Obras”
    Tel. 902 33 32 33

    The new guide book RUTAS POR LAS JUDERÍAS DE ESPAÑA was presented in Leon last May 24th, in the frame of the General Assembly of the Network.

    Author: C&M
    Pages: 280
    Price: € 23,90
    ISBN: 978-84-03-50742-5
    On sale from May 28th

    The Jewish People had an important role in Sepharad. They were craftsmen, traders, advisers of Christians and Muslims but they also developed their science and their literature, their religious studies and their habits. Today we can observe the marks of our Hebrew past in the Jewries of many Spanish cities. This book suggests journeys for a weekend or for several days to every one of the 21 cities linked to the spanish network “Red de Juderías de España”. The aim of the guidebook is to show the cultural values, historical, tourist, anthropological and, in some cases, the gastronomy of the Jewish People of Sepharad, which are considered an essential part of the Spanish culture. 

    Israel Independence Day (יום העצמאות, Yom ha-Atzmaut)

    May, 8th, 2008

    Yom Ha'atzmaut (Hebrew: יום העצמאות‎ yom hā-‘aṣmā’ūṯ), is the national independence day, commemorates the declaration of independence of Israel in 1948.

    It falls on the 5th of the Jewish lunar month Iyar, celebrating the declaration of the state of Israel by David Ben-Gurion in Tel Aviv on May 14, 1948 (5 Iyar, 5708), and the end of the British Mandate of Palestine.

    It is always preceded by Yom Hazikaron, the Israel fallen soldiers Remembrance Day on the 4th of Iyar (pronounced "eeyahr").

    An official ceremony is held every year on Mount Herzl on the evening of Yom Ha'atzmaut. The ceremony includes a speech by the speaker of the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament), a dramatic presentation, a ritual march of soldiers carrying the Flag of Israel, forming elaborate structures (such as a Menorah, Magen David and a number which represents the age of Israel) and the lighting of twelve beacons (one for each of the Tribes of Israel). Every year a dozen Israeli citizens, who made a significant contribution in a selected area, are invited to light the beacons.


    Visit to Monforte de Lemos

    April, 25th 2008

    On April, 25th, the chairmanship of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters, leaded by the mayor of Ribadavia, Mr. Marcos Blanco, visited the city of Monforte de Lemos to start the process of its incorporation as a member city.

    Happy Pesach!

    On the occasion of Jewish Passover, the Spanish network "Red de Juderías de España" wishes you all Happy Pesah

    Pesah 5768:  15-21st of Nissan  / April, 20th to 26th  2008

    The commemoration of the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. Also known as the Feast of Freedom. Other names of this holiday period are Feast of Spring due to its relation with the start of the agricultural cycle, and “matzo holiday” because of the unleavened  wafers eaten to recall the bread that the Jews had to eat during the exodus. The first night of Pesah is marked by Seder, a ceremonial  traditional familiar dinner.

    Visiting the Jewish Quarters of Tarazona, Calahorra and Estella-Lizarra.

    The chairmanship of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters, which has been momentarily delegated in the mayor of Tudela, Mr. Luis Casado, and Mrs. Assumpció Hosta, general secretary of the Network, visit the Jewish Quarters of Tarazona, Calahorra and Estella-Lizarra.


    The visit enabled the cities of Tarazona, Calahorra and Estella-Lizarra to show off their latest work and improvements with regard to the recovery, conservation and promotion of their Jewish heritage. All of them declared their wish to continue to work together with the Network in the future.

    The General Assembly of the Network will now assess the results of these visits, in order to change the status of associated city into that of full member city.

    All three cities were very excited and hopeful to get a positive resolution, which will be made public shortly.


    1. Tarazona: 

    Mayor Luis María Beamonte, presides the press conference after the visit, in the middle of Mayor Luis Casado (Tudela) and the General Secretary, Ms. Assumpció Hosta.


    2. Estella: 

    A moment of the visit in Estella. At the centre, Mayoress Begoña Ganuza and Mayor Luis Casado, from Tudela.


    3. Calahorra: 


    Meeting at the Calahorra City Hall. From left to right, Mayor Luis Casado (Tudela) with Calahorra Mayor, Francisco Javier Pagola; the General Secretary Ms. Hosta and Mr. José Ibáñez City Deputy for Culture, Education and Tourism.




    More information (PDF file)

    prensa Tarazona 1.pdf

    The Network in the International Conference 'Sister Cities and Municipal Organizations'

    The Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters' chairman, represented by the city of León, attended to the International Conference 'Sister Cities and Municipal Organizations' held in Jerusalem on 9-12th of March.



    Other member cities of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters also attended the conference: Besalú, represented by its mayor, Mr. Lluís Guinó, and Barcelona, represented by Mrs Katy Carreras-Moysi, Commissioner of the City Council's Civic Relations of Barcelona.


    The International Conference Partner Cities & Municipal Organizations

    60th Anniversary of the State of Israel.

    70th Anniversary of the Union of Local Authorities in Israel.

    9-12 March, 2008 - Jerusalem, Israel.


    A delegation of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters, consisting of the chairmanship of the Network and representatives of Barcelona and Besalú, will visit Jerusalem to take part in the International Conference of Partner Cities and Municipal Organizations.


    More information (PDF file)


    We release the new online shop

    We are glad of annouce you the release of our  on line shop today, February 28th, 2008.


    In our store you will find selected items closely related to the Jewish culture: Books, CDs and DVDs, art pieces, jewish gastronomy and Iudaica items.


    Presentation in FITUR, 2008

    Place:  FITUR. Internacional Tourism Fair. Madrid. Press room of the “Junta de Castilla y León” stand (Pavilion 9, Stand 9C-14).
    Day:     Thursday, January 31st
    Time:   1 p.m.

    Thursday, January 31st, at 1 p.m., at the stand of the “Junta de Castilla y León” (Pavilion 9, Stand 9C-14), the President of the network and Mayor of León, Mr. Francisco Fernández Álvarez, will present to the press and communication means the new image of the network, designed by the prestigious firm Bassat, Ogilvy & Mather, a leader company in the international advertising sector.

    January 27th: International Remembrance Day of the Holocaust

    On January 27th 1945 the concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated. In order to commemorate this day, the UNO declared this day as International Remembrance Day of the Holocaust and of the Prevention of Crimes against Humanity in 2005. Some of the cities of the Network of Jewish Quarters also join the commemoration with a series of activities.


    Barcelona presents a large programme of activities under the motto of "No a las víctimas póstumas de Hitler" (No to posthumous victims of Hitler), which pays tribute to all communities victims of the concentration camps. The activities take place between January 17th and February 12th and include lectures, round tables, theatre, concert and the screening of a film.
    More information at the agenda from Barcelona.
    In Cordoba is held a ceremony in memory and homage to José Ruiz Santaella and Carmen Schroeder, citizens from Cordoba who had saved the lives of several Jewish women during the Holocaust.
    The ceremony will be held at the Casa de Sefarad, in Cordoba on January 28th, at 6:30 p.m., and will be followed by a concert of Sephardic music. For further information, please contact Casa de Sefarad or Fundación Tres Culturas.

    The Museum of Jewish History in Girona will pay homage to the victims of the Holocaust on January 27th by lighting a menorah, and displaying a bibliographic selection in memory of the Holocaust.

    Oviedo has organized two remembrance ceremonies on January 25th and 27th, as well as a lecture on the Shoah on February 7th.
    More information at the agenda from Oviedo.
    In Palma de Mallorca the exhibition "Holocaust: una mirada" (Holocaust: a glance), organized by Arca Llegat Jueu, will be opened on January 28th, and can be visited until February 4th.
    More information at the agenda from Palma.
    The Sephardic Museum of Toledo will screen, without interruptions (more than nine hours), the documentary "Shoah", by C.Lanzman on January 26th and 27th.
    More information at: http://www.museosefardi.net
    Casa Sefarad-Israel, an organisation which cooperates with Red de Juderías de España, has organized two activities in Madrid: on
    January 21st the presentation of the book: "Auschwitz: el álbum fotográfico de la tragedia" (Auschwitz: the photo album of the tragedy) will take place, and on January 30th, a concert "Músicas del Holocausto" will be celebrated.
    More information at: http://www.casasefarad-israel.es

    Image: Florida Centre for Instructional Technology©


    The Spanish network Red de Juderías de España-Caminos de Sefarad wish you all a happy Hanukkah

    Agreement between the Network and Casa Sefarad-Israel and 25th General Assembly

    The General Assembly of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters-Routes of Sefarad has gathered in Jaén, the city that has chaired the Network during 2007, on November 30th and December 1st, in order to hold its 25th meeting.

    When the meeting had finished, the chairmanship for the first half of 2008 has been passed on to the city of León.

    Among the complementary ceremonies of the meeting it has to be highlighted the one that took place on Friday, November 30th, at the Palacio de Villardompardo of the Andalusian capital: the signature of the Agreement of Collaboration between the Network and Casa Sefarad-Israel, undertaken by Ms. Carmen Peñalver, chairwoman of the Network and mayor of Jaén, and Ms. Ana Sálomon, General Director of Casa Sefarad-Israel.

    The Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters thus becomes part of the Executive Board of Casa Sefarad-Israel, a consultative organ of this institution, which shares with our association the goal of promoting the Jewish culture and furthering the study in depth of the Sephardic culture as an integral part of the culture of our country.

    The colophon of the first day was a lecture on the European Major Cultural Route of Jewish Heritage, given by Ms. Françoise Tondre, in charge of the Cultural Routes of the European Council.


    Conmemoration of the 20th anniversary of the First European Cultural Itinerary


    On the 23rd of October 2007, Galicia commemorates the XX Anniversary of the Declaration of the "Camino de Santiago" as first European Cultural Itinerary by the Council of Europe.
    With this reason, the Xunta (Autonomous Government) of Galicia, organizes a commemorative program that includes different activities that will develop among the 20th and 26th of October 2007, with the collaboration of the European Institute of Cultural Itineraries and the Council of Europe and of the Town Council of Santiago of Compostela.

    The Spanish network "Red de Juderías de España" and the AEPJ (European Association for the Preservation the Jewish Heritage), members of the European Route of the Jewish Heritage, declared "Major European Cultural Itinerary" by the Council of Europe in 2005, will attend the institutional acts, together with representatives of the European institutions, of the governments of Spain, France, Italy and Portugal; of the Autonomous Communities and Town Councils where the Routes go through. Equally, representatives of the other European Cultural Itineraries and of the Associations of Friends of the "Camino de Santiago" will all be present in Santiago of Compostela.


    More information (PDF file)


    The Network congratulates the Yad Vashem Museum for obtaining the 2007 Prince of Asturias Award

    Let the memory of the victims remain with us and help us building a future of peace and justice for everyone



    "Yad Vashem has been honoured with the 2007 Prince of Asturias Award for Concord.
    The Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, the uppermost international institution in memory of the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust, aims to transmit to future generations the need for preserving human rights and, essentially, the respect for life. It is the only one of its kind in the world to also honour the people who risked their own lives to save Jewish victims of the Shoah, it has become the most important repository of information and research and education centre of one the largest genocides in the history of Mankind."



    Happy New Year 5768!

    All representatives and delegates of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters – Routes of Sepharad wish you a happy and joyous 5768. Shaná Tová.

    © Copyright: Biblioteca del Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano “Marshall T. Meyer”.

    The 8th European Day of Jewish Culture: a great success

    Evaluation of the day celebrated on September 2nd



    For the eighth time in a row, the EDJC has been celebrated last Sunday, the 2nd of September, simultaneously in 30 European countries.

    In Spain, 22 cities took part in it, offering more than 100 activities, which gathered some 70.000 visitors under this year's chosen theme "Testimonies". This represents a considerable increase in numbers compared to the previous edition, and it is not only proof of the firm establishment of the day, but also reveals an increasing interest in the historical and cultural Jewish legacy in Spain.

    The European Day of Jewish Culture promotes the discovery of this legacy by means of Open Doors, guided tours, exhibitions, conferences, concerts and gastronomic tasting, inviting a broader public to get acquainted with music, ancient and contemporary art, theatre, cinema, photography, as well as encouraging the visit of synagogues, ritual baths and the old Jewish quarters. Thus, the celebration of this day strives to contribute to the diffusion and preservation of this part of our cultural heritage.
    You can download the full programme or visit the website www.jewisheritage.org



    New publication of Turespaña

    Turespaña, the Spanish Institute for Tourism of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce,  has just issued "The Routes of Sepharad", a new tourist brochure.

    It introduces the 21 member cities of the Spanish network Red de Juderías de España in an edition of 36 pages filled with photographs. The brochure is available in Spanish, English, French and German languages.

    This publication complements and enriches one of the most singular cultural itineraries of our cultural mosaic: the Jewish legacy in the Iberian Peninsula.

    For more information, please visit: www.spain.info

    8th European Day of Jewish Culture

    Sunday, September 2nd, 2007


    This year, the 8th European Day of Jewish Culture presents an attractive programme of events and activities based on the Testimony of the Sephardic heritage of our cities in all its splendour: artistic, historical, archaeological and cultural heritage, which is complemented with musical, artistic and gastronomic displays that take place during the whole of the day.


    More information (PDF file)


    Summer in the Network

    Don't miss the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters this summer!

    To the usual programme of guided tours to the old Jewish quarters, this summer we have to mention the special programme of entertainment in the Network: dramatised guided visits and night walks in Ávila, Besalú, Segovia, Córdoba and Ribadavia; tales and legends for the little ones in Girona and Ávila, and also music in the night in Hervás, Girona and Oviedo.

    For more information, see the agendas of the Network's cities.

    II Summer Course on Spanish Judaism

    "Los judíos en Castilla. Historia y Literatura" (The Jews of Castile.
    History and Literature) Segovia, from July 9th to July 11th.



    Continuing the project initiated last year, this II Course on Judaism intends to deepen the knowledge of the historical, social and cultural situation during the Middle Ages in Castile and to furnish details for a better understanding of the Jews as just another group amongst those settled there.

    Their relationship with the leading class, as well as with their Christian neighbours, the tensions and conflicts generated by their faith and their way of life, as well as their artistic, literary and scientific work, will be some of the subjects put forward by different experts during this course.
    More information at the Agenda of Segovia




    Brand New Calendar 2007

    The Network of Spanish Jewish Sites' 2007 calendar, corresponding to the Jewish year 5767-5768, is already available.


    As novelty this year, the usual wall calendar includes also a small desk calendar. The calendar comprises on this occasion black and white photographs of the Network's cities collected by the photographer Francisco Sánchez Moreno. This images are part of the exhibition "Essence of Sepharad", which has been exposed in different cities of the Network during 2006 and will continue its itinerancy in 2007 through Toledo, Jaén, Plasencia, Segovia and Ávila. A catalog about this exhibition is being made, by Editions La Almuzara, and it will be published shortly.


    Presentation of the new digital image and the touristical product of the Network

    El alcalde de Jaén, Miguel Sánchez de Alcázar en calidad de Presidente de la Red de Juderías acompañado por el alcalde de Ribadavia, Marcos Blanco, y por el teniente alcalde de turismo de Córdoba, Francisco Tejada; Assumpció Hosta, Secretaria General de la Red de Juderías de España y el gerente de Turgalicia, Xesús Pereira, en calidad de anfitrión de este acto, presentaron en el stand de Turgalicia de FITUR la nueva imagen digital y el producto turístico Caminos de Sefarad.


    El acto se inició con la intervención de D. Xesús Pereira, Gerente de Turgalicia, que amablemente colaboró con la Red de Juderías para hacer posible esta presentación por primera vez en el stand de Turgalicia en el marco de FITUR 2007.

    Durante su intervención profundizó en la colaboración de ambas instituciones y su apoyo al desarrollo turístico y a la promoción del destino turístico CAMINOS DE SEFARAD.

    A continuación, el Alcalde de Jaén y actual presidente de la Red durante este año 2007, D. Miguel Sánchez de Alcázar, manifestó su satisfacción por pertenecer a una asociación englobada por 21 ciudades con un largo recorrido de 10 años y una dilatada experiencia cultural y turística; y ensalzó la gran labor tecnológica que la Red estaba llevando a cabo, siendo FITUR el marco ideal para dar a conocer el magnífico patrimonio y apostar por el turismo cultural de calidad como motor de desarrollo de las ciudades que integran la Red. Hizo un llamamiento a la sensibilización y a la conservación del patrimonio y al compromiso cultural de las instituciones con este nuevo instrumento de promoción que es el nuevo portal web de la Red.

    El Alcalde enfatizó que lo más importante de cada una de las ciudades es el alma que hace que cada una de estas localidades sea singular y conjuntamente constituyen un producto turístico cultural de primer nivel.

    La presentación siguió con las palabras del Alcalde de Ribadavia, D. Marcos Blanco Jorge que agradeció a Turgalicia y a la Xunta de Galicia su colaboración en esta presentación.

    El Alcalde hizo hincapié en la afluencia creciente de visitantes que reciben las ciudades y al proyecto Red de Juderías de España que en pocos años se convertirá en un importante referente turístico, e hizo un llamamiento al compromiso de trabajar conjuntamente para desarrollar aún más este magnífico proyecto.

    Concluyó el acto, Dña. Assumpció Hosta, Secretaria General de la Red de Juderías con una detallada y minuciosa presentación de la nueva imagen digital y de la oferta turística y cultural de la Red.

    Durante su intervención analizó la labor de recuperación y rehabilitación del patrimonio judío en Sefarad así como el fomento y promoción de un producto cultural entre las ciudades por medio de una herramienta totalmente renovada cuya función es la de unir el patrimonio nacional e internacional judío. Una forma ágil y atractiva de llegar a todo el mundo que desee conocer y entrar en una ruta atractiva y con una gran oferta turística y cultural.

    La web provoca e invita a buscar la experiencia de ver, tocar, oír y sentir las ciudades e incita a visitarlas por medio de las rutas creadas para tal fin donde el visitante puede encontrar todo aquello relacionado con el destino seleccionado: alojamiento, gastronomía, actividades, museos, etc.

    Hosta declaró: ”Hace veinte años, Caminos de Santiago se erige como el primer itinerario cultural europeo y veinte años después la Red de Juderías de España cierra el círculo con su inclusión dentro del Gran Itinerario Europeo Cultural”.


    Welcome to our brand new website

    Te ofrecemos un portal renovado, orientado a hacerte más próximos la oferta y el hecho diferencial de la cultura sefardí.

    En esta nueva etapa ponemos a tu disposición nuevas rutas por la España y Europa judía para que puedas planificar tus estancias a través de planos y mapas interactivos integrados en tecnología Google Maps. Y, para los profesionales, una zona de prensa actualizada a diario.

    Durante el presente año, lanzaremos a través de este mismo canal rutas alternativas en tu visita a las ciudades de la Red, para estancias de más o menos días y por diferentes ciudades.

    Y una Tienda Virtual donde pondremos a tu disposición los productos exclusivos de la Red de Juderías de España: desde libros, música, artesanía, hasta nuestros dulces basados en recetas tradicionales.

    Acompáñanos también en esta nueva etapa de la Red, hoy por fin una realidad gracias a ti.

    El libro de la Red se presenta en el Instituto Cervantes de Tel Aviv ante más de 150 invitados

    Ejercieron como presentadores la misma directora del Instituto, Dña. Rosa Moro, el ex embajador de Israel en España, D. Herzl Inbar, la anterior consejera cultural de la embajada de Israel en España, Dña. Tova Harel, y el consejero de la embajada española en Israel, D. Cándido Creis.

    Durante el acto de presentación del libro tomó la palabra el editor de Alymar, D. Alfonso Martínez, seguido de unas emotivas palabras del autor del texto, D. Pancracio Celdrán. Cerró el acto D. Enrique Ribes, agradeciendo a todos los presentes su presencia e interés y recordando que este es un paso más en la normalización de las relaciones entre ambos países e invitando a todos los presentes a conocer mejor nuestras juderías.

    Al final del acto tomó de nuevo la palabra el ex embajador, Sr. Inbar, haciendo una petición al Instituto Cervantes para que el libro que hoy se presentó sea distribuido por todos los centros Cervantes del mundo, petición recogida por la directora del Centro, Dña. Rosa Moro.

    Durante el acto se repartió un boletín de la Red, redactado especialmente para la ocasión.

    Para finalizar la estancia de los representantes de la Red en Israel, el Embajador de España en Israel, D. Eudaldo Mirapeix, invitó a la delegación a una cena en su residencia de Herzliya.

    Muestra de "Arquitecturas Simbólicas" en Tel-Aviv y Jerusalén

    La Red instaló en la misma sala de entrega de los premios Samuel Toledano una selección de la exposición Arquitecturas Simbólicas. Fue muy elogiada por el público y peticionada por algunos de los presentes al acto para ser expuesta en otros lugares de Jerusalén e Israel.


    Con la presencia del Embajador español, así como de otros altos dignatarios de entidades españolas afincadas en Israel, la Red ha salido fuertemente respaldada por las instituciones israelíes y españolas en este evento y representa un importante reconocimiento y una clara posibilidad de intercambio de relaciones culturales en el marco del 20º aniversario de relaciones entre el Estado de Israel y el de España.

    El acto se complementó con una cena de gala en el magnífico escenario del Hotel King David de la ciudad de Jerusalén.

    La Red quiere agradecer públicamente a la familia Toledano, a todos sus miembros y muy especialmente a Dña. Nira Toledano y D. Mauricio Toledano su interés y su confianza en el trabajo de la asociación de municipios.


    Network's visit to Israel is a great success

    La delegación de la Red intercambia experiencias y busca nuevas vías de cooperación con las autoridades de Israel en su visita al país para recoger el premio Samuel Toledano..

    Audio en Mp3 de la Ceremonia de entrega


    En su estancia de 3 días en las ciudades de Tel Aviv y Jerusalén, además de otros lugares históricos del país, la delegación de la Red de Juderías de España-Caminos de Sefarad concluyó con gran éxito su visita a Israel.

    Además de recoger el premio que la Fundación Samuel Toledano ha otorgado este año a La Red por su trabajo en la recuperación y promoción del legado sefardí en nuestro país, los representantes de la delegación española tuvieron la oportunidad de reunirse con destacadas personalidades, representantes oficiales del gobierno israelí, autoridades locales y de organizaciones públicas y privadas.

    La delegación española de la Red de Juderías estaba formado por D. Enrique Ribes, alcalde de Hervás y Presidente de la Red, acompañado por D. Juan Ramón Ferreira, alcalde fundador de la asociación; D. Luis Casado, Alcalde de Tudela, acompañado por Dña. Delia Quílez Agreda; Dña. Katy Carreras, Concejala de Relaciones Ciudadanas e Institucionales del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona; D. Rogelio Araujo, Concejal de Cultura y Educación del Ayuntamiento de Palma de Mallorca, acompañado de D. Alejandro Araujo y de Dña. Mª José Frau Marí, Concejala de dinamización Ciudadana; D. Agustín Iglesias, Concejal de Presupuestos, Control y Coordinación, Nuevas Tecnologías, Bienestar Social, Empleo y Fondos de Cooperación Financiera, Turismo y Congresos del Ayuntamiento de Oviedo; Dña. Assumpció Hosta, de Girona, Secretaria General de la Red; y Los Sres. Pancracio Celdrán, autor del libro La Red de Juderías de España-Caminos de Sefarad, acompañado de Dña. Irit Green, y D. Alfonso Martínez, de la Editorial Alymar, editor del mismo.


    The Network of Spanish Jewish Sites is awarded with Samuel Toledano Award

    Diploma de aprecio en formato PDF

    Escucha en Mp3 la Ceremonia de entrega


    El Presidente de la Red de Juderías de España y Alcalde de Hervás, D. Enrique Ribes, recibe de manos del quinto presidente del estado de Israel, D. Yitzhak Navón, el premio Samuel Toledano por la larga trayectoria de protección y promoción del patrimonio sefardí de nuestra asociación.

    El resultado de 10 años (1995 a 2005) de dedicación constante a la labor de recuperación, salvaguarda, y protección del patrimonio físico, documental, cultural, artístico, patrimonial y documental del legado judío en España le ha valido a la Red de Juderías de España-Caminos de Sefarad ser merecedora del premio Samuel Toledano.

    En el acto estuvieron presentes D. Shimón Pérez, ex-presidente del gobierno israelí y el embajador español Sr. Mirapeix, entre otras muchas personalidades. D. Felipe González Márquez, expresidente del gobierno de España, ofreció la conferencia inaugural.

    El Premio Samuel Toledano

    Concedido anualmente y presentado en Jerusalén, el premio lleva el nombre de Samuel (Sam) Toledano en memoria de uno de los renovadores de la comunidad judía en España y uno de sus más destacados dirigentes.

    El premio se concede a un investigador de Israel y a otro de España, quienes han de trabajar en temas a los que Samuel Toledano dedicó su vida:
    • El estudio de las comunidades judías en España y en los países de la diáspora sefardí: su historia y su legado cultural.
    • Las relaciones entre judíos, cristianos y musulmanes en España.
    • Las relaciones entre España e Israel.

    La comisión del premio está presidida por el Sr. D. Yitzhak Navón, quinto Presidente del Estado de Israel, y la componen destacados miembros del campo académico; personalidades del ámbito público (político, cultural, etcétera) y representantes de la familia Toledano.

    El jurado está compuesto por tres miembros elegidos anualmente por la comisión.

    Más información en: www.samueltoledanoprize.org.il


    Reunión del Foro Internacional Judío en Luxemburgo

    Con la destacada presencia de los representantes españoles de la Red, D. Enrique Ribes, Presidente de la misma y Alcalde de Hervás, y Dña. Asunción Hosta, Secretaria de la Red, se han iniciado en Luxemburgo las reuniones de trabajo del Foro Internacional Judío, que reune a las organizaciones internacionales de protección y promoción del patrimonio judío.


    El foro servirá de lugar de reunión y debate entre los diversos Itinerarios Judíos europeos para coordinar trabajos y estrategias y planificar acciones con contribuyan a expandir sus actividades nacionales e internacionales.

    Esta reunión ha estado precedida del éxito sin precedentes de la VII Jornada Europea de la Cultura Judía celebrada el pasado día 3 de septiembre y que este año ha tenido cifras récord de participación y resultados: 311 ciudades de 30 países en las que se han desarrollado 971 actividades y con más de 150.000 visitantes. Esta jornada en España también ha acumulado cifras récord. En las 21 ciudades miembros y asociadas de la Red de Juderías de España durante esa jornada se alcanzó la cifra de 65.000 visitantes, suponiendo junto con Italia el mayor éxito dentro de Europa.

    La cita de este año en Luxemburgo sirve como punto de encuentro, de debate y de coordinación de las actividades que los diferentes países y ciudades con patrimonio judío de Europa organizarán para el próximo periodo, entre las que destacan los Itinerarios Judíos Europeos. A este respecto, D. Enrique Ribes, como presidente de la Red de Juderías de España, y en calidad de miembro de la Mesa Presidencial de las Asociaciones de Protección del Patrimonio Judío Europeo, va a tener la oportunidad de reunirse con los representantes de las más importantes asociaciones judías europeas, así como con los embajadores de Francia, Italia, Luxemburgo, Gran Bretaña, República Checa y Lituania así como con el Ministro de Cultura de Luxemburgo, y así coordinar las actividades futuras de la Red a nivel Internacional.


    Poster's contest to complement the look and the Network's branding

    Contest's Rules in PDF Format (only available in Spanish)

    The Spanish network “Red de Juderías de España” summons a contest of poster design in order to complement the image and trade mark of the organization, according to the following rules:

    • The purpose is to select a promotional poster for the network.
    • Participants can be visual artists, graphic designers, whether professionals or students.
    • The works submitted must be original and unpublished. Total freedom is allowed, both conceptual and technical. Participants will be responsible that there are no third parties involved, and they will also be responsible of any claim of author copyrights.
    • Dimensions of the posters: 70 x 50 cm, in vertical orientation and compatible with four colour reproduction.
    • The poster must include the logo of the network, as well as the legend “Red de Juderías de España-Caminos de Sefarad”. In the lower margin of the poster, an area must be reserved in order to include other logos if necessary.
    • Works must be presented over a rigid support, preferably 1 cm light cardboard for an easy transport and display. Measures: 70 x 50 cm, with no margins. Along with the printed version, the image must be delivered on a digital support, in PDF or TIFF format. The author must be willing to do the adaptations for a correct printing output if necessary.
    • Works must be accompanied by a sealed envelope containing the personal information of the author (name, address, phone, e-mail, professional résumé with credentials).
    • The Jury will be composed by members of the Network, as well as contrasted professionals from graphic arts, image, design and tourism sectors.
    • The Jury will make a first short-listing, where the works that don’t meet any of the points of these rules will be rejected. Afterwards, the Jury will award a first prize and will name a finalist.
    • The Jury will value the creativity of the proposals, the communication skills, the concordance to the proposed subject and the versatility to be adapted to different formats.
    • The winner will receive the gross amount of 3.000,00 €. From this amount, taxes legally established will be deducted.
    • The winning poster, the finalist and the other selected may be displayed by the organization. Once the exhibition ends they may be recovered in the following 30 days. Those left, will be considered as property of the network, which may use them at its convenience.
    • The winning poster will remain property of the network, as well as all the rights of exploitation of the work. The author agrees to transfer exclusivity rights over the work, such as reproduction, distribution, public communication and exhibition, in any modality, base or purpose, all over the countries of the world and until the work becomes of public domain, without any right to generate any income for the cession of this mentioned exploitation.

    Originals must be delivered at the Secretary Office of the Network:
    Sant Llorenç street, s/n. 17004 Girona
    Phone: + 34 972 41 41 46
    The deadline to submit proposals is October 30th, 2006.

    The verdict will be read in the next General Ordinary Assembly of the network. The sole act of participation in this contest implies the acceptation of these rules.

    The organization has the right to modify these rules in case of justified reason.

    European Day of Jewish Culture in Spain

    "The European Routes of Jewish Heritage"

    Spain Program 2006. English version.

    Program Dyptic. Only available in spanish.

    Routes in Catalonia

    Program in Palma de Mallorca

    Program in Toledo

    23rd General Assembly of the network 'Red de Juderías de España-Caminos de Sefarad'

    Last Saturday June 10th, the 23rd General Assembly of the network "Red de Juderías de España-Caminos de Sefarad" met in Hervás.

    The conclusions of the meeting have been presented to the media as follows:

    • Presentation of the 2005 report (available on-line).
    • Renoval of the association by-laws, adapted to the Spanish Law 1/2002 of March 22nd.
    • Presentation of the Prize Samuel Toledano, granted to the network last June 1st, 2006.
    • Aproval to create a contest for the official network's poster.
    • Aproval to extend the Festival of Jewish Cinema (celebrated yearly in one of the network cities) to the rest of city members.
    • Aproval of the Plan of Media Communication.
    • Aproval of the new web's format.
    • Aproval to create the Sepharad Card, a friend's club with special adavantadges.

    For any further information, please contact: secretaria@redjuderias.org

    24th International Conference of Mayors in Jerusalem

    The president of the network Red de Juderías de España and Mayor of Hervás, Mr. Enrique Ribes Pellicer, has been invited to participate in the 24th International Conference of Mayors, held in Jerusalem from May 7th to 11th.

    This year's theme "Mobilizing the past for a better economic future" had the goal to strengthen relations, share challenges and find solutions for the common problems of the towns.

    Sao Paulo visits The Network

    A iniciativa de la Oficina Española de Turismo de Sao Paulo, la Red de Juderías ha recibido en varias de sus ciudades a un grupo selecto de periodistas y agentes de viajes procedentes de Brasil, entre los días 2 y 7 de abril, con el propósito de incentivar y promocionar el itinerario cultural del legado judío en España. Para esta ocasión se contó con la colaboración de los Ayuntamientos de Segovia, Toledo, Girona, Besalú y Barcelona.

    Agradecemos desde estas páginas la colaboración de Turespaña y de las Comunidades Autónomas, así como los patronatos de turismo de Toledo y Girona, Turisme de Catalunya y Turisme de Barcelona y Lleida.

    El viaje fue un éxito y quedamos a la espera de poderos ofrecer artículos de prensa en breve.

    Los periodistas y agentes de viajes procedentes de Brasil atendidos por la Secretaria General de la Red, Assumpció Hosta, en el Patio de la Estrella del Centre Bonastruc ça Porta, Call Jueu de Girona.

    New Virtual Tour of the Jewry of Ávila

    The new tour makes available the location of the old Jewry; in a area within the district of Santo Domingo near the Gate or Puerta de la Malaventura and the Moshe de León's Garden. And other interesting spots of the historic city, like the Cathedral, San Vicente Church, Chapel of Santa Teresa and Mysticism Interpretation Center.

    Virtual Tour of the Jewry of Ávila

    New Virtual Tour of the Jewry of Jaén

    The new tour makes available the location of the old Jewry of the city, "Barrio de Santa Cruz", and other interesting spots of the historic city, like San Andrés Church, the old Synagogue, the Arab Baths, the Cathedral, the Castle of Santa Catalina and many others.

    Virtual Tour of the Jewry of Jaén

    January 26th, presentations of the book Spanish Jewish Network: Routes of Sepharad in Madrid

    At noon in the International Fair of Tourism of Madrid (Fitur) in the Tourism of Andalusia Stand.

    At 5:30 p.m., Mr. Federico Mayor Zaragoza, president of the Foundation Culture of Peace, will present the book in the Assembly Hall of the National Library of Madrid. The act will have the presence of numerous mayors and representatives from the different cities of the Network, its president Mr. Enrique Ribes and also Mr. Victor Harel, the Israel Ambassador in Spain, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Culture and from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

    Previous confirmation required.

    An invitation to the presentation at FITUR 2006

    An invitation to the presentation at National Library, Madrid, Spain

    22nd General Assembly of the Network



    Last Saturday, December 17th, was celebrated in Bonastruc ça Porta Centre in the Jewry of Girona the 22th General Assembly of Red de Juderías de España-Caminos de Sefarad.

    (information only in Spanish). Los acuerdos adoptados en esta asamblea son:
    1. Se aprueba el acta de la Asamblea anterior (nº 21) por unanimidad.
    2. Se aprueban los nuevos proyectos para el 2006:
      • Diploma y creación del itinerario:

        Entrega del Diploma de "Gran Itinerario Cultural del Consejo de Europa" el 5 de diciembre en Estrasburgo.

        La incorporación a la recién creada Asociación europea para la preservación y la valorización de la cultura y del patrimonio judíos (AEPJ), por el Itinerario Europeo del Patrimonio Judío.

      • Proyecto Europa - Itinerario Europeo del Patrimonio Judío:

        La participación de la Red en la creación de nuevos itinerarios temáticos y su gestión.

        La consolidación de las rutas por España, como complemento al itinerario genérico.

      • Proyecto Realidad Virtual: la página web ha crecido enormemente en número de visitas, llegando a alcanzar más de 2 millones y medio a lo largo de 2005.

        La mejora del posicionamiento en Internet es evidente y la Red está planteando la comercialización de productos para el próximo año.

      • Publicaciones: En este aspecto tenemos una magnífica noticia. Presentaremos el Gran Libro de la Red en la Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid el día 26 de Enero a las 7 de la tarde, contando con la asistencia de Don Federico Mayor-Zaragoza, prologuista del libro.

        En esta misma fecha presentamos, el libro y el Dulce sefardí en el marco de la Feria Internacional de Turismo de Madrid (FITUR) a las 12 del mediodía en el Pabellón de Andalucía.

    3. La Asamblea ha discutido también la buena marcha de los proyectos de las juderías de todas la ciudades, que ya utilizan como herramienta de trabajo los resultados marcados por el plan estratégico, actualizado después de las últimas incorporaciones a la Red.

      La Asamblea da por consolidado el mapa territorial de distribución de las ciudades asociadas a la Red, cerrando una amplia etapa de incorporaciones de nuevas ciudades. Para el año 2006, trabajaremos en la consolidación y cohesión de la marca Red de Juderías de España.

    4. Traspaso de la presidencia: con la satisfacción del enorme trabajo realizado durante la presidencia anual del ente por parte de la ciudad de Girona, tengo el orgullo de traspasar la presidencia de Red de Juderías de España-Caminos de Sefarad, a la ciudad de Hervás, muy especialmente representada hoy aquí por su Alcalde, Don Enrique Ribes.
      Sabiendo que no traspaso sólo un honor, sino una gran responsabilidad y teniendo la gran certeza de que su mandato aumentará y mejorará el de Girona.

      El traspaso de la presidencia significa también que la mesa de la presidencia va a quedar formada en 2006 por:

      Presidencia: Hervás
      Vicepresidencia Primera: Jaén
      Vicepresidencia Segunda: Girona

    The certification 'Major Cultural Route of the Council of Europe'

    The certification "Major Cultural Route of the Council of Europe" to the European Route of Jewish Heritage, on Monday 5 December at 10.30 am in Strasbourg (Palais de l’Europe).

    Press release on the diploma granted by the Council of Europe, Cultural Routes.

    The European Route of Jewish Heritage awarded Major Cultural Route of the Council of Europe diploma

    Strasbourg, Palais de l'Europe, 29.11.2005

    Strasbourg, 29.11.2005 – Council of Europe Deputy Secretary General Maud de Boer-Buquicchio will award the “Major Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” diploma to the European Route of Jewish Heritage on Monday 5 December at 10.30 am in Strasbourg (Palais de l’Europe, Room 1).

    Jewish heritage is an integral part of European history and culture. The European Route of Jewish Heritage highlights and links the buildings constructed by Jewish communities across Europe. Fourteen countries are taking part in the European Route of Jewish Heritage in 2005. 26 of the 46 Council of Europe member states took part at least once in the European Day of Jewish Culture since its creation in 2000.

    The diploma will be awarded to François Moyse, Chairman of the European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage, in the presence of the chairs of the B’nai B’rith Europe, Reinold Simon, the European Council of Jewish Communities, Jonathan Joseph, and the Red de Juderias de España, Anna Pagans Gruartmoner.

    A guided visit of the exhibition on Jewish Heritage will be organised at the end of the ceremony in the main hall of the Palais de l’Europe.

    The ceremony is open to the press. Journalists are also invited to take part in the visit to the synagogue of Pfaffenhoffen (departure by bus at 2.15 pm in front of the Palais de l’Europe).

    The Cultural Routes programme was launched by the Council of Europe in 1987. The initial concept was to demonstrate in a visible way, by means of a journey through space and time, how the heritage of the different countries of Europe represented a shared cultural heritage.

    The Cultural Routes also provide a concrete demonstration of the fundamental principles of the Council of Europe: human rights, cultural democracy, European cultural diversity and identity, dialogue, mutual exchange and enrichment across boundaries and centuries.

    More information can be found at www.coe.int and www.jewisheritage.org

    Press contact:
    Henriette Girard, Press officer, Tel. +33 3 88 41 21 41 Mobile +33 6 75 65 03 39
    E-mail: henriette.girard@coe.int

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